Sensitive memorial evening at Westerveld

On Saturday 2 November Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium (the Netherlands) held an impressive commemoration.

Call For Papers

for the  international symposium organised to debate topical issues on significant historic cemeteries, share best practices and experiences.

Enriched research section

Academic and professional research of cemeteries in a central source.

Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery (Madrid, Spain)

Almudena cemetery in Madrid City, the largest in Europe and one of the largest in the world, is home to nearly 5 million graves and has become a tourist attraction.

Museum of silence | Valencia, Spain

Guided tours of the General Cemetery of Valencia (by Rafael Solaz).

General Cemetery of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

With Christianity people got used to bury the dead near churches. At first, the graves were on the outside of the temples and along its own walls.
Plaza Santo Domingo de Guzmán, nº 27
Camino Viejo de Picassent s/n.
46017 - Valencia, Spain

Tel.: -96 352 54 78 (extensions 2502-2807-2808)
Fax.: - 96 378 22 90



General Cemetery of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

Survey about Significant Cemeteries in Europe | Institutional Research

JFC Tourism&Management is a consulting company specialized in tourism ad territorial marketing, territorial pianification and tourism research, and offers its services to public institutions and private companies.

The English Cemetery (Camariñas, Spain)

The English Cemetery is located in the municipality of Camariñas in the northwest Spanish province of A Coruña.

Q&A Good practices guides | EUCEMET

The opening and accessibility of cultural sites to citizens and tourists, and generation of new open-air museums and visitor centres is an exciting challenge,

Photo exhibition at Pobrežje cemetery | Maribor, Slovenia

European cemeteries: "Soul gardens, variety and heritage”.

Art in the Cemetery | Barcelona, Spain

Coinciding with of All the Saints Day, Cementiris de Barcelona organized a new edition of the night route in the cemetery of Poblenou (Barcelona).

Lucio Dalla now resting in the family grave at Certosa, Bologna monumental Cemetery

Lucio Dalla - well-known Italian singer and songwriter suddenly passed away on March, 1st 2012 - is now resting in the family grave at Certosa, Bologna monumental cemetery (Italy).

The grave, realised by the sculptor Antonello Paladino after the designs of Stefano Cantaroni, a friend of the artist, portrays a bronze silhouette of the songwriter with a hat, a walking stick and a clarinet, his distinguishing features.

The grave is situated next to the ones of other great Bolognese figures of the 20th century, such as the poet Giosue Carducci and the composer Ottorino Respighi.

Cemetery of Arenys de Mar (Arenys de Mar, Spain)

The Cemetery of Arenys de Mar is located on the coastal side of Turó de la Pietat (Mount Mercy), measuring fifty meters in height and one kilometre in length, and acting as buttress of the city to the west.

Cemetery of San Froilán (Lugo, Spain)

San Froilán’s a local cemetery in Lugo. It is relatively modern (from 1948), although retains from construction of the previous local cemetery, after its closure, was transferred to this.

AGM 2013 report

Steering Committee meeting on September 18th
On September 19th, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place. This time in Amsterdam, Holland.

Video and photo album of AGM 2013

Check out the glimpses of AGM 2013.

Significant cemeteries

How do we recognize them?

Mundamortis | Monturque, Cordoba

The Mundamortis Festival is one of Cordoba's largest autumn events.

Il Museo Diffuso. Genova, di marmo e ardesia

Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno - Genoa
Lectures and events in October and November 2013.

Colbran - Rossini Tomb

© photo Luigi Verdi
Giuseppe Rossini, Anna Guidarini (Gioacchino Rossini's parents)
Isabella Colbran, singer
(Gioacchino Rossini's first wife)
Giovanni Colbran
, violinist (Isabella Colbran's father)

Giosue Carducci (1835-1907)

In 1879 the future winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature composed the ode 'Fuori alla Certosa di Bologna', in which he retraces the age-old history of the place.

Photo Competition | Viennese Cemeterys

1 year. 4 seasons. 46 cemeteries.

AGM 2013: Big steps forward

Last week in Amsterdam was exciting for our organization.

The Port and Its Photographers II

Guided tour "The Port and Its Photographers II".

Bicentennial Cemetery Loyasse

From September 20 to October 20, the Cemetery department of Lyon City organizes many cultural events.

Walking route ‘Discover Westerveld’

The special walking route ‘Discover Westerveld’ opened on 19 September in the monumental Westerveld memorial park - part of the ‘Facultatieve Group’.

Highgate Cemetery (London, United Kingdom)

One of England’s greatest treasures

Annual General Meeting 2013

Gardens, forests, cities.
European cemeteries as a cultural landscape

Anniversary book and CD 'Westerveld' for Prime Minister

From left to right: Henry Keizer, Mark Rutte (Prime Minister of the Netherlands) and Franc Weerwind.

The Park Cemetery (Clamart, France)

After the World War II, architect Robert Auzelle created in 1957, in Clamart, a park cemetery integrated in a global reflexion of urban planning, establishing a perfect harmony with the surrounding area of which he is the author.

"Lo splendore della forma. La scultura negli spazi della memoria"

The book "Lo splendore della forma. La scultura negli spazi della memoria" by Mauro Felicori and Franco Sborgi is available on line.

AGM 2013 Programme and conference

Programe of the annual general meeting AGM and Conference 2013 in Amsterdam with title: "Gardens, forests, cities. European cemeteries as a cultural landscape.". AGM and Conference will take place at Crown Plaza hotel in Amsterdam.

Thursday, September 19th
08:30 | 09:00
09:00 | 10:45
Henry Keizer, President & CEO ‘the Facultatieve Group’

Lidija Pliberšek, president of ASCE
Members of Steering Committee of ASCE
Annual General Meeting

10:45 | 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 | 13:00
dr. F. Javier Rodríguez Barberán, University of Sevilla
Understanding and Managing the Complexity. Cemeteries as a Cultural Landscape

Karel Werdler, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam
Dutch cemeteries and landscape in relationship to dark tourism

Muriel Ghys, Les Amis du Musèe Funèraire National
Evolution of cemeteries in France over the last century

Wim van Midwoud, Dutch National Association of Cemeteries
Harmony between burial and cremation

13:00 | 13:30
Lunch break
13:45 | 19:30
Visit of Westerveld cemetery
(transport arranged)
Buffet dinner at Westerveld

Friday, September 20th
09:00 | 11:00
dr. Julie Rugg, Senior Research Fellow, Cemetery Research Group, University of York, United Kingdom
The changing landscape of death

dr. F. Javier Rodríguez Barberán, University of Sevilla
Coauthor Martin Ernerth, Stiftung Historische Kirchhofe und Friedhofe in
Trees and stones. A brief introduction to the relation between cemeteries and nature

Olaf Ihlefeldt, South Western Cemetery Stahnsdorf
South Western Cemetery Stahnsdorf

11:00 | 11:15
Coffee break
11:15 | 12:00
New ASCE members
Presentations of new members

Jordi Valmana, Cemeteries of Barcelona
AGM host 2014: Barcelona

12:15 | 13:15
Lunch break

13:15 | 19:00
Visit of Moscowa cemetery
(transport arranged)

Gala dinner at the hotel Crowne Plaza Amsterdam - south

Saturday, September 21st
09:15 | 09:30
Gathering at hotel lobby
09:30 | Departure to Amsterdam centre
10:00 | 12:00
Canal boat tour
Departure to hotel

Brompton Cemetery in B&W

Take a moment and enjoy some detailed views of Brompton cemetery in London.

Heritage Week

Heritage Week at Glasnevin Cemetery Museum

The English Cemetery (Malaga, Spain)

The English Cemetery in Malaga is the oldest Protestant cemetery on mainland Spain.

Marble splinters, Ruins and Remains – To Not Forget

70th Anniversary of the Bombardment of San Lorenzo

Siselinna Cemetery (Tallinn, Estonia)

Under this name there are three cemeteries established at different times, which are located half a kilometre away from tartu Road towards the west, downtown from Ülemiste sand drifts.

Metsakalmistu Cemetery (Tallinn, Estiona)

We can consider Metsakalmistu one of the richest cemeteries in Estonia for its cultural monuments.

Visit some of the Europe's greatest cemeteries with mobile guide ARTOUR

Myths and legends. Buried and ready to be discovered.

AGM2013: Call for papers

AGM 2013: European cemeteries as a cultural landscape

“A Concert Memory” by Cementiris de Barcelona

More than 1.000 people attended to the 4th edition of “A Concert Memory” in the cemetery of Montjuïc.

AGM 2013 accomodation

Make reservations for the hotel.


It is not unusual to see dedicated Joyceans make the annual trip to Glasnevin Cemetery in hired horse-drawn carriages; some even rent a hearse for full authenticity.

Eucemet Photo Exhibition in Barcelona

On 13th of June has been inaugurated the Eucemet Photo Exhibition in Barcelona.

Bare Cemetery (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Bare Cemetery (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
With its 33 hectares, the Bare Cemetery is among the largest in Europe.

Week of discovering European Cemeteries (WDEC) 2013

Each year, within 1 week, cemeteries across Europe organize events and activities to raise European citizens awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. Exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, seminars, workshops and other activities take place.

In 2013, WDEC is set for May 24th to June 2nd. 

Follow us in the website or at our Facebook page, or Google+ page to stay current on the news about the events that will take place.

Read all news about the Week of discovering European Cemeteries 2013.

Read all news about the Week of discovering European Cemeteries 2012.

Open Air Museums day in Milan

Photo exhibition, multimedia presentations, theatrical performances, concerts and many other interesting activities will take place in Milan on June 2nd 2013 to celebrate the Week of discovering European cemeteries.

From Canova to Fontana. The greatness of funerary sculpture in Europe and the future of the post-Napoleonic cemetery complex

The conference will take place at 'Salone di Rappresentanza' in 'Palazzo Tursi', via Garibaldi 9, Genova, Italy, on Thursday 6 June 2013, h. 6 pm.
On the occasion of the publication of the proceedings of ASCE Annual General Meeting held in Verona in 2006 ("Lo splendore della forma. La scultura negli spazi della memoria") by Mauro Felicori and Franco Sborgi, Luca Sossella Editore.

Welcome greetings by:
- Elena Fiorini, Assessore a Legalità e Diritti, Comune di Genova
- Carla Sibilla Assessore a Cultura e Turismo, Comune di Genova

With the interventions of:
- Mauro Felicori
- Leo Lecci
- Franco Sborgi