The restoration of the Polish Cemetery in Bologna is completed

The Cemetery reminds 1,400 soldiers of the 2nd Polish Corps armed fell in 1944 for the Liberation of Bologna and Europe from fascism.

Eastern Cemetery (Innsbruck, Austria)

Eastern Cemetery, Innsbruck (Austria)
The Eastern Cemetery was built according to the plans of Eduard Klingler between 1912 and 1913.

Western Cemetery (Innsbruck, Austria)

Western Cemetery, Innsbruck (Austria)
The Western Cemetery was built between 1856 and 1858 according to the plans of Carl Müller. In 1889 the expansion to the south followed.

New Cemetery Mühlau (Innsbruck, Austria)

New Cemetery Mühlau (Innsbruck, Austria)
The construction of a new cemetery in Mühlau was agreed on in 1914/15 and it was built in 1926 according to the plans of architect Willi Stigler.

Cemetery of Skiathos (Skiathos island, Greece)

Cemetery of Skiathos (Skiathos island, Greece)
The Cemetery of Skiathos was established in 1835. It is an outdoor museum, that includes unique monuments of the neoclassical period, some of them dedicated to famous Greek authors.

English Cemetery (Linares, Spain)

English Cemetery in Linares, Spain
"I can give an example of tolerance. I hardly expected in this part of Spain to find a Protestant cemetery near the General Cemetery of the place". Diary of Thomas Sopwith, 1864.

Municipal Cemetery of Saint Joseph (Linares, Spain)

Municipal Cemetery of Sain Joseph in Linares, Spain
The Municipal Cemetery of Saint Joseph was established in 1876. It is located opposite the English Cemetery in the city of Linares (Jaén, Spain).

In memory of Professor Franco Sborgi

October 31 2014 marks the first anniversary of the passing of Franco Sborgi, Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Genova, Italy.

AGM 2014 report

On October 2nd, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) took place. This time in Barcelona, Spain.

AGM 2014 photo glimpses

Knowledge. Exchange of ideas. Captured moments.

AGM 2014 conference presentations

During the conference at AGM 2014 we have seen many interesting presentation touching the subject of Beyond the death: Remembrance, Memory and Heritage.

The Mundamortis Festival 2014

Mundamortis Festival 2014, Monturque (Cordoba, Spain)
Mundamortis is one of Cordoba's largest autumn events that attracts a growing number of visitors from Spain and abroad. It is the only event in Spain that celebrates death.

One million Dubliners

Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin, Ireland
“One million Dubliners” is a soon coming documentary film about Glasnevin Cemetery, the largest and oldest cemetery in Ireland.


Our members are about to start a new EU funded project.

AGM 2014 meeting point

Dear AGM attendees,

for all those who attend the AGM 2014 it is very important that everybody meets at 8:30 in Silken Diagonal Barcelona Hotel for the registration, even those whose accommodation is not in that hotel. Your name badge, welcome pack and paper programme will be given to you then.

For those who stay at some other place than Silken Hotel, take into account that the bus service’s meeting and returning point is the Silken Hotel. Therefore, if you want to use the transportation provided by the organization, you will have to come to Silken Hotel half an hour earlier than the time scheduled in the programme for all the activities that require transportation (reception at the City Hall, guided visits, gala dinner) in order to be picked up.

Silken Diagonal Barcelona Hotel location
Avinguda Diagonal, 205
08018 Barcelona

AGM 2014 Programme and conference

Programe of the annual general meeting AGM and Conference 2014

New restoration projects for the Certosa, Bologna Monumental Cemetery

The monumental area of the town cemetery of Bologna is now beginning to reflect its former splendour.

Certificate of Excellence 2014 to Staglieno Cemetery

A great success!
Staglieno cemetery has obtained the Certificate of Excellence 2014 by Tripadvisor.

Recordings at Westerveld for new police series

At the end of June, recordings were made at Westerveld in The Netherlands for the new Dutch police series Noord/Zuid. 

Catholic Cemetery Dubovac (Karlovac, Croatia)

Near Karlovac, under the walls of the Old Town Dubovac, which dates from the 12th century, there is the old Catholic cemetery on Dubovac.

Special evening walk through Westerveld memorial park

On 3 June, Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium in the Netherlands organized a special evening walk through the monumental memorial park. 

Cemetery Vilafranca del Penedès (Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain)

Cemetery Vilafranca del Penedè (Vilafranca del Penedè, Spain)
A popular saying asserts that “death is a fact of life” and that it is, therefore, an unavoidable and logical everyday event.

Photo exhibition "Rest in Peace Memories" at Dobrava Cemetery

Photobook Rest in PEACE MEMORIES
On 5th of June 2014, the opening ceremony of photo exhibition "Rest in Peace Memories" took place at Dobrava Cemetery.

Bloomsday at Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin

Bloomsday at Glasnevin 16th June

Concert Memory at Montjuïc Cemetery, Barcelona

On Thursday, 12th of June 2014, the 5th edition of the Concert Memory will take place at the Montjuïc Cemetery (Barcelona, Spain).

"Plants and symbology" in Cemetery of Poblenou, Barcelona

Cemetery of Poblenou, Barcelona
On Saturday, 7th of June 2014, there will be a guided tour at the Cemetery of Poblenou (Barcelona, Spain).

Photographic exhibition in Bologna

The event will take place on Saturday, May 31 at 11 am at the Museo Civico del Risorgimento of Bologna, Italy.

"Nachklang 2014" at Vienna Central Cemetery

On Thursday, 12th of June 2014, the event “Nachklang” will take place at the Vienna Central Cemetery in Austria.

WDEC 2014 - “Open air museum day” at Milan Monumental Cemetery

On Sunday, 1st of June 2014, the annual “Open air museum day” will take place at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan (Italy).

WDEC 2014 - Guided tour at the Cemetery of Ciriego

As a part of the Week of discovering European Cemeteries 2014, there will be a cultural guided tour called “Art to the eternity” at the Municipal Cemetery of Ciriego (Santander, Spain).

WDEC 2014 - Guided tour at West Norwood Cemetery

On Sunday, 1st of June 2014, there will be a special, architecturally themed guided tour at West Norwood Cemetery in London.

AGM 2014 sign up

Join the amazing 3 days in Barcelona.

WDEC 2014 - Photo exhibition at Dobrava Cemetery

Within the international Week of discovering European Cemeteries, there will be a photo exhibition at Dobrava Cemetery in Maribor (Slovenia).

WDEC 2014 in Rome - Verano Monumental Cemetery

Check out the extensive program of events that will take place in Verano Monumental Cemetery in Rome during the Week of discovering European Cemeteries.

WDEC 2014 at Varaždin Cemetery

Don`t miss the official beginning of this year`s “Week of discovering European Cemeteries” and the “Celebration of 100th anniversary of World War I” at Varaždin Cemetery.

WDEC 2014 - Guided tours at the Žale Cemetery

Company Žale d.o.o. invites you to attend free guided tours at Žale Cemetery in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

WDEC 2014 - guided walks at the Old Cemetery of Podgorze

Association PODGORZE.PL invites you to a guided walk at Old Cemetery of Podgorze (Stary Cmentarz Podgorski, Krakow, Poland).

International seminar in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

An international seminar will take place from 15th to 17th May 2014 in Zsigmond János Unitarian College in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

AGM 2014: Call for papers

AGM 2014: Beyond the death: Remembrance, Memory and Heritage

Asamblea General 2014

Más allá de la muerte: Recuerdo, Memoria y Patrimonio

Annual General Meeting 2014

Beyond the death: Remembrance, Memory and Heritage

Cemeteries Route is Europe Cultural Route

Certified for another 3 years.

Funeral carriage in the parade in Barcelona

A funeral carriage will participate in the parade organized by the Catalan Federation of Tres Tombs of Barcelona.

Barcelona night of the museums

On the night of 17 May, museums in Barcelona will open their doors.

Bologna, Certosa Cemetery and Sigmund Freud

Also Sigmund Freud, the founding father of psychoanalysis, visited Certosa, Bologna Monumental Cemetery.

Heritage day 2014 in Laeken, Belgium

This year`s Heritage Day will take place on 27th of April 2014 with the slogan “Withouth any borders”.

WDEC 2014 - guided tours in Brussels and Flemish region

Like the years before, two non-profit organizations, Epitaaf vzw and Grafzerkje vzw, joined efforts again in order to organize guided tours during the WDEC 2014.

Certosa of Bologna. Summer calendar 2014 (25th May - 30th September)

The summer calendar of events in Certosa of Bologna is back.

WDEC 2014 in Genoa

Come and visit Genoa and its beauties.

AGM 2014 - hotel reservations

This year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place from 2nd to 4th of October 2014 in the hotel “Silken Diagonal Barcelona” in Barcelona.

Revolutionary 1916 Tours at Glasnevin Cemetery

Commemorate the Easter Rising at Glasnevin Cemetery with a Revolutionary Tour.