Cemetery of Piratello

A plaque located over the arch connecting the Garden-Cloister with the North-West cemetery reminds us that on 29th October 1821 the land designated to become the Cemetery of the City of Imola was blessed.

Drapano Cemetery | Argostoli, Kefallonia Island

The cemetery of Drapano separate from ordinary cemeteries, reminds an outdoor museum than a maeshowe.

Cemetery of Mortorino

The ancient cemetery is halfway between a burial ground and a temple.

AGM 2016 report

On October 6th, the Annual General Meeting took place at Dublin castle, Dublin.

AGM 2016 Conference materials

Conflict, Memorialization = Reconciliation.

On the streets of culture:times, spaces, subjects, writings

A seminar between experimentation and interdisciplinarity.

Symbols Exhibition in Maribor

Learn about symbols in cemeteries in the exhibition at Vetrinjski dvor mansion.

Exhibition of old and contemporary photographs

Opened on 2nd November at the Urban Center few steps away from the Duomo in Milano.