Cimitero di San Miniato al Monte, detto delle “Porte Sante” (Firenze, Italia)

Il progetto iniziale di massima che destinava a cimitero l’intera area della Fortezza
di San Miniato – opera michelangiolesca voluta da Cosimo I de’ Medici, fu redatto
già nel 1844 dall’Architetto Matas.

First European Cemeteries route info point

Installed at Pobrežje cemetery in Maribor, Slovenia.

The New Cemetery in Belgrade Attracted a Record Number of Visitors

Walking tour at the New Cemetery in Belgrade in November hit the record in number of visitors

AGM 2017 report

On October 5th, the Annual General Meeting took place at Harokopio University, Athens.

AGM 2017: bus for participants

Transport from hotels to the University.

AGM 2017 and conference in Athens SignUp

Time to sign up for the most important event of the year.

AGM 2017 Program

Program of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Conference 2017.

Getting to Harokopio University

In order to help you reach the AGM 2017 venue we are providing some further instructions.

AGM 2017: Publishing instructions for authors

Info for the authors who submitted the articles.

AGM 2017: Accommodation

Accommodation options for Conference and Annual General Meeting taking place in Athens, Greece between 5th and 7th October 2017.

Rasegna museo a cielo aperto, Cimitero Monumentale di Milano

Rasegna museo a cielo aperto, Cimitero Monumentale di Milano, 24 settembre 2017.

Monumental cemetery of Turin-Italy WHITE SAUCE. HUNGRY FOR BREAD, FULL OF WAR

On the 23rd of September at 18pm the absolute first of White Sauce's evening.
Hungry for bread, full of war.
Storytelling and music to remember the facts of Turin in 1917.

Realized with the patronage of the City of Turin and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers - Structure of Mission for Anniversaries of National Interest - Commemorations of the Centenary of the First World War.

The evening will be held at Campo della Gloria of the Cimitero Monumentale of Turin
Entrance from corso Regio Parco 80.

More information

Free guided walks at the New Cemetery of Belgrade (Serbia)

Don`t miss out three interesting themed walks at the New Cemetery of Belgrade, organized as part of the program within the European Heritage Days.

The European Heritage Days at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

Themed Walks at the New Cemetery on 17 September, 24 September and 1 October 2017

Book presentation at Florence ''English'' Cemetery

Book presentation at Florence ''English'' Cemetery on Tuesday, 12th of September.

Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

Monumental cemetery Milano: Tuesday 12th September 2017, 6 PM.

Open Air Museum Day in Milan (Sunday 27 August 2017)

Every last Sunday of the month, from May to October 2017, different activities are taking place at the Milan Monumental Cemetery.

St. Ana Cemetery, Osijek, Croatia

Cemetery of St. Ana in Osijek, Croatia was founded in 1748. Mainly it was founded because because of increased number of deaths caused by plague that struck the city of Osijek.

City cemetery Pri Svetom Duhu, Koprivnica, Croatia

The City cemetery Pri Svetom Duhu in Koprivnica includes the Holly Spirit Chapel, old and new mortuary, a central cross, the cross for fallen soldiers (employees of Podravka) and the Memorial to those killed in World War II.

Milano: Open Air Museum Festival

On Sunday July 30 you are invited for a special concert at Milano monumental cemetery.

New Cemetery in Belgrade – Local Heritage of Global Importance

ARTIS Center Organized an Unforgettable Theme Walk at the New Cemetery in Belgrade within WDEC 2017

Centenary of the Death of the Field Marshal Radomir Putnik Marked at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

The New Cemetery in Belgrade and Central Institute for Conservation Organized an Open Air Lecture to Mark Two Anniversaries

AGM 2017: Call for papers

The forthcoming Conference and Annual General Meeting, organized by the Harokopio University of Athens, will take place 5-7 October 2017 at the Harokopio University, situated near the centre of Athens and close to many important cultural sites.

“Rassegna Museo a Cielo Aperto'' (''Festival Open-Air Museum'')

The Municipal Administration of Milan, in order to enhance and promote the Monumental Cemetery, has planned the “Rassegna Museo a Cielo Aperto'' (''Festival Open-Air Museum''), that will be carried out the last Sunday of every month, the organization will be cured by Scuole Civiche Milano Foundation.

WDEC 2017 - Open Air Classroom and Free Guided Tour at the New Cemetery in Belgrade


Students of Belgrade University had a Theme Lecture Organized at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

Turin (Italy) Opening Ceremony for the memorial of G.B.CEIRANO and his brothers

Torino (Italy) "Discover the immortals" The precursors of locomotion: CEIRANO 


Friday, June 9, 2017 - at 3.30 pm Corso Novara, 135 Torino
A monument to remember Giovanni Battista Ceirano and  his brothers Giovanni and Matteo. They were pioneers and promoters of the Italian Automotive Industry. Constructors in Turin between 1894 and 1944.
The inauguration has the patronage of: 
City of Turin, Piedmont Region, Turin Automobile Museum, Turin Chamber of Commerce, Circolo degli Artisti, Automobil Club of Turin.
Continuing the European Week devoted to discovering the immortals, Torino has organized an important event to remind three men who have made the story of locomotion.

WDEC 2017 - Museum Night at the New Cemetery in Belgrade

The New Cemetery in Belgrade announced WDEC with traditional participation in Museum Night

WDEC 2017: Bricks of history of Torino (Italy)

The history of Turin in the most ancient area of the monumental cemetery in Turin.
A free guided tour on the week of discovering european cemeteries.
                                                   SUNDAY 4th JUNE 2017 h.10 am

WDEC 2017: Torino: From recovery of corpes to recovery of memory

On Saturday, June 3, 2017, at 3 pm, the presentation of Anna Roberti's book at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin in occasion of WDEC.

Week of discovering European cemeteries (WDEC) 2017 - May 29th to June 4th

At the end of May cemeteries around Europe invite visitors to concerts, exhibitions, guided tours and other cultural events that promote the cultural heritage.

Spring Awakening at the Vienna Central Cemetery - 20 April 2017

On 20 April this year, the concert entitled Frühlingserwachen (‘Spring Awakening’) witnessed its premiere at the cemetery church of St. Charles Borromeo, located in the Vienna Central Cemetery. The musicians of Vienna City Brass and Festklang delighted the visitors with lovely melodies by Vivaldi, Schubert and other great names. Furthermore, Alexander Legniti (director of the cemeteries in Innsbruck) recited some short, witty and thought-provoking poems. Despite the bad weather, many people came to enjoy the concert.    

WDEC 2017 - Monumental Cemetery Certosa of Bologna

The 2017 summer calendar in the Certosa, Bologna Monumental Cemetery, is now here with a new series of night walks and events.

The collaboration of various entities of Bologna allowed putting together a very rich programme featuring 50 events: guided tours, theatre events, itinerant shows,etc.
Thus art, history, anecdotes and reflections will bring the spotlight back onto the Certosa from 28th May to 30 September 2017.

WDEC 2017 - Aleksandri Cemetery in Narva (Estonia)

During the Week for Discovering European cemeteries Estonian Heritage Society organises a guided walk and voluntary maintenanc work at Aleksandri Cemetery in Narva, Estonia.

Virtual guide to Florence's English cemetery

The English cemetery in Florence, Italy is introducing its virtual guide of the cemetery.    

WDEC 2017 - Cemetery of Kozala in Rijeka, Croatia

The programme of introducing Cemetery Kozala during the Week of discovering European cemeteries is following:    

El cementiri municipal obre les seves portes per a la celebració d’un concert nocturn

El concert, que porta per títol “1 Piano & 200 Velas” tindrà lloc el 14 de juliol a les 22 hores. 

WDEC 2017 - May 24th 1917 - TURIN during the World War I

In occasion of the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, in the Centenary of World War I, "the River Piave murmured!" (Is the title of a famous song in memory of May 24th 1919) at the Monumental cemetery in Turin, a guided tour to understand the events that involved the city of Turin in the Great War. 
With the high patronage of the Presidency of the Italian Council of Ministers.

WDEC 2017 - "Open air museum day" at Milan Monumental Cemetery

The Municipal Administration of Milan, in order to enhance and promote the Monumental Cemetery, has planned a series of events ''Monumentale: Musei a cielo aperto''.

WDEC 2017 in Maribor: new book and exhibitions

Symbols of stone and flowers.

WDEC 2017 - EPITAAF vereniging voor funeraire archeologie

Tafofiel 36 - Extra Mei 2017 - Week van de Beegraafsplaatsen. 

‘’La città della memoria’’ at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan

The Municipal Administration of Milan, in order to enhance and promote the Monumental Cemetery, has planned ‘’La città della memoria’’.

TIME TRAVEL to the Monumental cemetery of Torino (Italy) Experience during WDEC2017

A fascinating journey beyond Time and Space 

Westerveld Fair in Westerveld Memorial Park on 11 June

Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium (Duin en Kruidbergerweg 2-6, Driehuis the Netherlands) will organise the second Westerveld Fair on Sunday 11 June from 10:30 until 16:00. The Art & Nature-themed Fair is freely accessible to all.

Nature in a prominent position
With its rolling dunes and diverse plants and trees, Westerveld is a perfect setting for the Fair. “The special monuments and history also make this location unique”, says Carla Bosua, director of Westerveld. There will be a wide range of exhibitors at the Fair, including trade, the arts and nature. There will also be a falconer and members of staff will be organising a ‘nature’ workshop. “With live music, a catering pavilion serving all kinds of delicious food and children’s entertainment, there is something for everyone. This year, we will be increasing our focus on nature and natural products. We will be offering herb plants and cut firewood, for instance, and we will provide information about plants. We’re convinced we’ll make a lot of people happy again!”

Historic theatre
Those interested in history will be able to enjoy an open-air play about famous historical figures who found their final resting place in the memorial park. One such figure is Jan Jacob Slauerhoff (1898), one of the most important Dutch poets and novelists. Brother and sister Louis (1883) and Heintje (1888) Davids – variety artists and big names in Dutch cabaret – and Artis figurehead Frits Portielje (1886) will also be featured.

Requiem Monumentale by Yuval Avital

Amici del Monumentale with the support of  motivated volunteers welcomed over 1,500 people to  the premiere of Requiem Monumentale Sunday, 14th May.

International Turin Exibition Salone del Libro "Reading" inside the Cemetery

At the Monumental Cemetery in Turin on May 19 a reading by PAOLO NORI from A.S.PUSKIN's book. You can visit this website for more details.

WDEC 2017 - Northern cemetery of Rennes

Le samedi 20 mai et le Dimanche 21 mai 2017 au Cimetière du Nord de Rennes, Anthanagor,  le gardien imaginaire du lieu, ouvrira de nouveau les portes de sa nécropole pour deux visites étonnantes, inédites et incroyables ! 

Funerària participa en la Fira Modernista de Terrassa

L’activitat que ha promogut l’empresa funerària municipal ha recreat un enterrament d’època.