Workshop 2017, Ljubljana: Digital technologies

Join us for 2 days of practical work and development.

WDEC 2017 - Literary-musical Cultural act in Cementiris de Barcelona

Discover the star that shines above an immortal’s grave. Then remind of him properly, honor his memory and respect his whole past life. A book, a song, an idea, a voice, a play, a film, a picture, a sacrifice… by any art of living these people deserve the immortality.   

“In the Middle of a Lake of Pearls”: strolling in the North cemetery of Rennes

After "Lecteurs" in 2009 and "Happy Protest" in 2015, David Rolland, a choreographer from Nantes (west of France) proposes a new project called "Au milieu d'un lac de perles" (“In the Middle of a Lake of Pearls”). It takes place during "Les Tombées de la Nuit", a festival created in Rennes (Brittany, west of France) in the 1980s. This cultural and artistic event has been looking for alternatives to occupy the public space and to conceive the relation to the viewer.

Staglieno: The City in the City

We do not visit the Cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa just for our dead but also for the great number of monuments, mausoleums and tombs of particular aesthetic, architectural or historical interest. 

Night tour in Montjuïc Cemetery

Night tour in Montjuïc Cemetery (Barcelona). On the 23rd March Cementiris de Barcelona organise a night tour in Montjuïc Cemetery.