WDEC in London (West Norwood Cemetery), United Kingdom

#EuropeForCulture West Norwood Cemetery present the following programme for WDEC 2018:

WDEC in Koprivnica, Croatia

#EuropeForCulture Municipal Utility Company Komunalac LLC Koprivnica, in cooperation with the Koprivnica City Museum and Historical Society of Koprivnica, organizes events aimed at enhancing the heritage existing on the City cemetery „Pri Sv. Duhu“ in Koprivnica. 

WDEC in Turin, Italy

#EuropeForCulture  The Turin cemetery presents its programme for WDEC 2018 on this link

WDEC in Karlovac (Dubovac Cemetery), Croatia

#EuropeForCulture Within WDEC 2018 the Dubovac Catholic Cemetery in Karlovac, Croatia presents the lecture of prof. Marinka Mužar, who wrote a book: Dubovac Catholic Cemetery. This event will take place on May 30, 2018 beginning at 10:00 am at the Dubovac Catholic cemetery.

WDEC in Santander (Ciriego Cemetery), Spain

#EuropeForCulture Cemetery of Ciriego, Spain presents for WDEC 2018 the following: “Nocturne” on June, 1st at 21:30.

WDEC in Rome (Verano Monumental Cemetery), Italy

#EuropeForCulture From May 28 to June 3 2018, events and cultural activities will be held at the Documentation Center of the Verano Monumental Cemetery. The Documentation Center, set up at the entrance of the Verano Monumental Cemetery, will be open from Monday 28 May to Sunday 3 June, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..

WDEC in Milan (Monumental Cemetery), Italy

#EuropeForCulture The Municipality of Milan, in order to enhance and promote the Monumental Cemetery, is organizing this year, together with the Fondazione Milano Scuole Civiche, the "Monumental: Open-air Museum" exhibition that will take place every last Sunday of the month, from May to October.

WDEC in Krakow (Old Cemetery of Podgorze), Poland

#EuropeForCulture Association PODGORZE.PL invites you to:
Introduction to the Old Cemetery of Podgorze (Stary Cmentarz Podgorski).

WDEC in Florence (English Cemetery), Italy

#EuropeForCulture On June 18 at 6:00 p.m. we shall hold a guided tour of the tombs in Florence's English Cemetery associated with the Battles of Waterloo, Trafalgar and the Peninsula against Napoleon, for which see. You can read more about it on this link

WDEC in Rijeka, Croatia

#EuropeForCulture Discovering Rijeka central cemetery Drenova.

WDEC in Maribor, Slovenia

#EuropeForCulture Memorial park Dobrava and Symbols project are in the main focus of WDEC events in Maribor.

WDEC in Skiathos, Greece

#EuropeForCulture Greece’s first time in ASCE’s Week of Discovering European Cemeteries – WDEC.

WDEC in Messina (Monumental Cemetery), Italy

#EuropeForCulture WDEC 2018 at the Monumental Cemetery of Messina, Italy.