A guide-book for the Monumentale of Milan

This guide-book is addressed to all people who want to discover the hidden treasures of this open-air museum, one of the most important in Europe. A good number of photographs complement the description of the monuments and historical, artistical and cultural notions. Accurate maps and indexes help identify the position of tomb and memorials easily. Authors: Carla De Bernardi   and Lalla Fumagalli, respectively president and vice-president of the Amici del Monumentale, a non-profit association entirely consisting of volunteers to assist the municipality and Milanese institutions in the protection, preservation and promotion of this open-air museum. The guide-book can be obtained at:  
https://www.youcanprint.it/riferimento-guide-e-manuali/the-monumental-cemetery-of-milan-an-open-air-museum-9788827865088.html  or