Cemetery of Zara (Zadar, Croatia)

The cemetery of Zara was established in 1821 and in 1854 was partially enlarged according to the project of the Friuli architect Valentino Presani. In 1866 it became "monumental" and in 1932-33 it spread outside the ancient enclosure walls. In 1932 the town council decided to construct a "Famedio" to give a worthy burial to the Italian soldiers who died during the First World War. There are six neo-classic chapels with delicate sculptures, monumental family vaults in Istrian stone or stone from the island of Brazza, the same used for Diocletian Palace of Spalato, enriched by statues in marble or in bronze, bas-relief medaillons and Byzantine crosses of the adjacent small orthodox cemetery. There are also the tombs of some Austrian Governors and of citiziens who have honoured the city in the fields of humanities, arts and politics. After the Second World War, the cemetery was greatly expanded following the development of the city over the last forty years, but the old monumental cemetery enclosed inside the ancient walls represents its historic heart.

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