Suburban and Jewish Cemeteries of Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Reggio Emilia where the Italian flag was born, was amongst the first cities in Italy to adhere to the regulation of cemeteries as required by the Edict of Saint Cloud in 1807, giving the management of the project to the architect Domenico Marchelli. In these years the Jewish congregation chose a suitable site to bury their dead in an area west of the Crostolo torrent. The cemetery, constructed starting from 1808 with the construction of a four - sided portico with neoclassic arches together with a church dedicated to Saints Crisante and Daria,has arrived to the present day in is original form, visible only from the inside of the cemetery. The monumental front, dating from 1931, was designed by the architect Prospero Sorgato. Inside we can admire quality sculptures and paintings which often rise above simple craftsmanship and express the poetic tension of the single artists ( F Camuncoli, P. Aleotti, C. Zironi, I. Bedotti, G. Fornaciari, G. Monteverde, R. Secchi, C. Manicardi and O. Galliani) showing in an ideal elective park the artistic language of over a century.


Suburban and Jewish Cemeterie
Via Sergio Beretti, 24
035033 Reggio Emilia
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