Landscaped cemetery of Lecco-Laorca

The cemetery of Laorca is located in the Laorca district of Lecco, at the foot of Mount S. Martino, along the Gerenzone River, cradle of the Lecchese steel industry and a particular example of a historic, landscaped cemetery.

The environment is still highly suggestive: at the foot of the Corno Medale stands a sort of natural amphitheater, created in a rocky spur and fraught with caves and ravines. This site holds the cemetery, several private chapels dating from the late 1800s and early 1900s, the ancient cemetery church of San Giovanni ai Morti and the chapels in Via Crucis. In the early 1900s the industrial families of the zone chose this site to build their private chapels and monumental tombs in an eclectic style that melds classical features with the imposing features of Art Nouveau.

As a whole it can be defined as a Sacromonte, a sacred mountain, for centuries a devotional site. The terraces enjoy a splendid view of the city of Lecco and the lake.

View of the cemetery from the upper terrace.

Theatre and concert at night in the Laorca cemetry

Guided tour in the Laorca cemetery