Vienna AGM report

In September 22th and 23th Annual General Meeting took place in Vienna. Our host was Friedhofe Wien and AGM took place in an amazing atmosphere of Museumsquartier in the centre of Vienna.

Many interesting presentations, lectures and workshops took place, focusing on new social habbits that are changing the landscape of our cemeteries.

Important part of the AGM were the elections for the news president and steering committee of the association. Lidija Pliberšek, candidate for president, won 46 out of 49 votes and became the new president of ASCE. As the new president, Lidija set a daring and challenging vision for the ASCE:
To get
every European citizen
in touch

with European cultures
resting in cemeteries.

New Steering Committee now consists of:

Martin Ernerth, Berlin (Germany)
John Moffat, Liverpool (United Kingdom)
Ilme Maesalu, Tallin (Estonia)
Jordi Valmana, Barcelona (Spain)
Margaret Eckbo, Oslo (Norvege)
Markus Pinter, Vienna (Austria)
Melissa Lamaida, Bologna (Italy)
Pasca Herve Daniel, Paris (France)
Bodan Peter Tänase, Bucarest (Romania)

AGM in Vienna was interesting and dynamic with a lot of new ideas, friendships and cooperation brought up among the members of ASCE. The amazing city of Vienna and a relaxed atmosphere created a wonderful set of photos you can see in the following album. Photos were randomly selected for the first preview, album will be updated later as we filter and finalize all the material:

Zur Restaurierung des Zentralfriedhofes

Manfred Wehdorn from Friedhöfe Wien presented the complex project of restauration of central Cemetery in Vienna.

Check out the interesting project in the presentation from Mr. Manfred.

Burial Practices at The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners in Rome

Amanda Thursfield presented her findings about Burial Practices at The Non-Catholic Cemetery for Foreigners in Rome: Past, Present and Future.

Presentation was removed by author request and can be obtained for viewing upon written request.

Cremation - Problems and Chances for European Cemeteries

Lutz Mertens from Twelve Apostles Cemetery in Berlin presented a comprehensive study and overview of the Cremation practices and Chanes in Europe.

Check out his presentation at AGM Vienna 2011.

Contemporary burial places in Tallinn cemeteries

Tiina Tuulik from Estonian Academy of Arts explained in this presentation her findings about Contemporary burial places in Tallinn cemeteries.

Conclusion: The traditional cemetery culture is inevitably changing.

Check her presentation and interesting photos from Talling cemeteries.