European Cemeteries Tour 2020

Kozala Cemetery
From 13 to 15 May 2020 the first European Cemeteries Tour will take place featuring stories from Croatia.

Stories from Croatia

Cemeteries are increasingly opening up as new spaces for tourist visits and cultural manifestations. In this context, it is very important to emphasize them as part of cultural tourism. In order to promote it, European Cemeteries Route began with the project European Cemeteries Tour in 2018.

KD Kozala Rijeka, together with its partners Gradska groblja Zagreb and Nasadi Zadar, in collaboration with ASCE and European Cemeteries Route, is the first to organize an European Cemeteries Tour in 2020. During the tour, stories from cemeteries and cities in Croatia will be presented.

Project description 

The project is a combination of foreign hosting and foreign traveling. Each next tour has to be connected to the one before. So the next hosts of European Cemeteries Tour will have to include a part of Croatian culture and cemeteries in its program.

Tourists, locals and other visitors of Croatia will also be able to take the tour independently. The content will be entirely included in the mobile application and platform ARtour. This will ensure that the project is interesting to young people and available later to all interested (families, schools,...) for individual or organized excursions.

Planned program


  • Gathering in Zagreb
  • Guided tour at Mirogoj Cemetery
  • Lunch in Zagreb
  • Departure to Zadar
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Zadar and free time
  • Cultural evening program


  • Guided tour at City Cemetery of Zadar
  • Lunch in Zadar
  • Departure to Rijeka
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Rijeka and free time
  • Cultural evening program


  • Guided tour at one of the Rijeka Cemeteries
  • Workshop on cultural tourism in cemeteries
  • Conclusion of the tour and lunch in Rijeka


WDEC 2019: Guided tour at Pobrežje Cemetery

Guided tour at Pobrežje Cemetery
On June 11th, 2019, a guided tour took place at Pobrežje Cemetery (Maribor, Slovenia) under the guidance of Mr. Tone Partljič, an expert on Maribor`s culture, slang, people and their nature.

The event took place during the Week of discovering European cemeteries 2019 and was also one of the events organized by Pogrebno podjetje Maribor in 2019 to commemorate two important anniversaries - 150 years of operation of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor and 140 years of Pobrežje Cemetery.

About the event

At the beginning, participants were addressed by the director of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor and president of ASCE, Lidija Pliberšek and by the tour guide, Tone Partljič. The speeches were then followed by a walk through Pobrežje Cemetery, where Mr. Partljič presented some interesting stories about the lives and achievements of some of the famous and lesser-known people from Maribor who were buried there. During the tour, they stopped at the graves of General Rudolf Maister and his family; Russian doctor Sergej Kapralov and his wife Helena; film director Jože Babič; and Herta Haas, wife of former president of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

At the end of the tour, a short concert of classical music took place at Czeike's arcades, performed by the violinist Oksana Pečeny and guitarist Matic Dolenc.

WDEC 2019: Memorial ceremony at Pobrežje Cemetery

Memorial ceremony “Memory of peace”
On Tuesday, May 28, 2019, the memorial ceremony “Memory of peace” took place at Pobrežje Cemetery in Maribor (Slovenia).

About the event

The memorial ceremony took place during the Week of discovering European cemeteries 2019 and was also the main event organized by Pogrebno podjetje Maribor in 2019 to commemorate two important anniversaries - 150 years of operation of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor and 140 years of Pobrežje Cemetery. It was dedicated to remembering the people of many cultures and countries which lost their lives in the two world wars in Maribor. The representatives of foreign embassies paid tribute to their memory by placing wreaths at the Peace Monument at Pobrežje Cemetery.

In the central part of the event, a few words about the meaning and role of cemeteries were spoken by the director of Pogrebno podjetje Maribor and president of ASCE, Lidija Pliberšek, Deputy Mayor of Maribor, Samo Peter Medved and Vlasta Nussdorfer, advisor to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, who was the honorary sponsor of the event.

Award for outstanding entrepreneurial achievements

At the ceremony, Pogrebno podjetje Maribor received a prestigious award from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS) for exceptional business achievements in the field of municipal services. With its 150 years of operation, it is the oldest Slovene company in this activity. Furthermore, it contributes to the promotion of Slovenia and Slovenian entrepreneurship by being the chairing member of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE).

WDEC 2019 at the Cemetery of Reus

WDEC 2019 at the Cemetery of Reus
The Reus Cemetery shows in an exhibition the hidden secrets of General 's Prim mausoleum.

The Reus Cemetery, managed by Reus and Baix Camp's Funerary Services, participates in the events organized by the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe, of which it is part. As of this Friday, May 31st, the Cemetery hosts an exhibition devoted to the Mausoleum of General Prim, which explains with details some of the hidden secrets of the coffin and the adjacent figure from this General born in Reus.

About the exhibition

This is a sample inspired by the research made by M. Carme Bigorra and M. Josep Salvadó “El Mausoleu del General Prim. Una lliço històrica”, with photographs by Ferran Estivill. This work helps to recognize and interpret the historical and artistic wealth of the mausoleum. Through the images that will be available in this space, significant events of their life and their work are broken down, reflected in the historical-symbolic aspect represented in this heritage element, considered Cultural Good of National Interest. It should be noted that this monument located at the Reus General Cemetery has become a unique example of the funerary art of that time.

Prim's sarcophagus

Prim's sarcophagus is a work by Plácido Zuloaga made between 1874 and 1875, with a neoclassical style. Damascened, this original artisan technique from Damascus, consists of drawings, created by inlaying different metals into one another. It weights 1.800 kilos and was started in Eibar and finished in Saint-Jean-de-Luz. Plácido Zuloaga is the great representative of the art of "Damascening" from the 19th century. The figure of Joan Prim, as well as all the sculptured pieces on the sarcophagus, is the work of the French sculptor Émile Hébert.

AGM 2019: Sign up

Ghent, Belgium
Sign up form opened for Annual General Meeting and Conference 2019, taking place in Ghent, Belgium from 3-5 October 2019.

AGM 2019 will take place at Meeting Center of the Province of East-Flanders. Registration form is now opened at

Ghent tickets sales website.

Please note that:
  • ASCE members pay 25€ for participation at whole conference (all days)
  • non members pay 25€ per day
  • there are different forms for ASCE members and other participants.

After your registration you will receive a welcome email with additional information from the organizer where you can provide any special request.

AGM 2019: program

Ghent, Belgium
Program of the Annual General Meeting and Conference 2019, taking place in Ghent, Belgium from 3-5 October 2019.

AGM 2019 will take place at Meeting Center of the Province of East-Flanders. You can currently check the complete program at the Stad Gent dedicated website.

Programme presented is a draft version and organisers hold the right to further modifications..

You can click on this link (iCal) to add the programme to your personal calendar.

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    zYp in Concert - Soul music in Turin's cemeteries

    WDEC 2019 the last appointments in Turin (IT)

    In the Monumental cemetery of Turin two evenings of soul music concert with the "zYp" young group on 8th and 9th of june at 6 p.m. entrance of Corso Regio Parco, 80.

    Be sure to be there on time because there are only one hundred of seats for every evening.

    more information


    Events in the Italian's cemeteries during WDEC 2019

    Utilitalia-SEFIT counts among its members the public companies that manage the most important Italian monumental crematoriums and cemeteries, which constitute an architectural and artistic heritage of great value.
    The Utilitalia-Sefit Technical Table for the historical and artistic enhancement of the Italian monumental cemeteries, on the occasion of the annual "WDEC Week for the discovery of European cemeteries" has foreseen the publication of a brochure that collects all the activities organized by 11 Italian cemeteries (the Certosa di Bologna, the Staglieno of Genoa, the Cemetery of Trento, the Monumental of Turin, the Cemetery of the Villetta of Parma, the Monumental of Milan, the Certosa of Ferrara, the Crematorium Socrem Turin, the Cemeteries of Bolzano, the Monumental of Mantua and the Verano of Rome).
    The creation of a photographic exhibition set up or visible in digital format at all the participating cemeteries, which presents some images representative of the cemeteries themselves, is added to the strategy of shared promotion and communication at national level.

    WDEC 2019, Exhibition and educational walk on City cemetery in Koprivnica

    Municipal Utility Company Komunalac LLC Koprivnica, in cooperation with the Koprivnica City Museum, Historical Society of Koprivnica and Art school „Fortunat Pintarić“ Koprivnica, organized events aimed at enhancing the heritage existing on the City cemetery „Pri Sv. Duhu“ in Koprivnica. 
    The aim of this event is to raise awareness of the importance of cemeteries, their architectural solutions, artistic monuments and historical facts related to the emergence and development of graves.
    The program began on May 24 with the opening of the Exhibit of Photography "Horticulture at city cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu” in the space of an old morgue. This area was once home to gardener Ivan Maček, who gave the cemetery the present horticultural appearance.
    The other days were dedicated to individual visits and a visit to the cemetery where all citizens and tourists can view the exhibition of photographs.
    On May 30, at 5:30 pm Historical Society of Koprivnica with the historian, Hrvoje Petric, held an educational walk and a visit to the cemetery during which 13 graves were displayed, specific to their cultural or historical significance.
    A brief lecture on the multicultural development of the City and the emergence of the city cemetery, Dr. Petrić held in the chapel “Pri Sv. Duhu” and then began an educational walk through the graveyard.
    At the end of the educational walk through the city cemetery, visitors visited the photo exhibition “Horticulture at city cemetery “Pri Sv. Duhu".

    Maciachini, the Architect

    Monumental cemetery Milano
    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

    Sunday, 9th June, 2019, 10:30 a.m. at the Monumentale Cemetery in Milan, in partnership with the Municipality of Milan and in cooperation with the Company Gioco Fiaba, the Friends of the Monumentale will stage a theatricalized walk to finish the celebrations in style for the 200th birth anniversary and 120th death anniversary of Carlo Maciachini (April 8th, 1818 - June 10th, 1899), the great architect of the Monumentale.

    The walk will be guided by Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory who will go back in time to meet the affectionally named Great Mac. Together with his wife Rosa, who gave him nine sons, and his master-builder who took part in the drafting of the project to erect a "new large cemetery in Milan", the walk will go back over Maciachini's ideas and doubts.

    Visitors will be explained his most beautiful fuenrary monuments built for important Milanese families.

    Families with children are welcomed. Free admission.