Research and science on cemeteries

ASCE members work on many projects, research and other discussions. List of all the relevant documents will be kept here for further interaction, rethinking and researching on the subjects related to cemeteries and cultures.

If you are a researcher or a research institution with your own interesting findings, you are welcome to share them here. Do not hesitate to contact us and let our broad society know about it. If you need any further help, ideas or thoughts, this is most certainly a place where you can find the best partners.

Bibliography on cemeteries

One aim of ASCE is to promote research to support a broader understanding of the importance of our cemeteries, and of modern burial culture across Europe. We therefore invite academics from all social disciplines with an interest in cemeteries to join our virtual network. These academic research pages include a bibliography and biographies of academics that have cemeteries as a core research interest. 

The bibliography is sorted by country and broad subject area, where relevant. Where one or more chapters are relevant from a collected text, individual chapters are not listed separately.

For an additional list of research works, their authors and organizations that research cemeteries, visit the website created by the Cemetery Research Group (CRG). You can access the website on this link

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