Week of Discovering European Cemeteries

 All about the WDEC and an overview of past events.

About WDEC

Each year, within 1 week, cemeteries across Europe organize events and activities to raise European citizens awareness of the importance of significant cemeteries. Exhibitions, concerts, guided tours, seminars, workshops and other activities take place. It is the most important event and project of our association, exposing the cemeteries in a different perspective to all their visitors.

WDEC 2022

From May 30th to June 5th this year`s Week of Discovering European Cemeteries is going to take place in cemeteries all over Europe. Event programs will be posted on our website and shared on our social media, so don't forget to follow as.

Meanwhile, we invite you to check some of the projects and activities that took place during the WDEC 2021, when ASCE celebrated its 20th anniversary.