Governing bodies

Leading an association of significant cemeteries is a great honor an great responsibility. It requires vision, courage and effort to maintain the course of preservation while incorporating the new trends in society. So that the functioning of ASCE would be as good and efficient as possible, its governing bodies are divided into of four segments:

  • The General Assembly - the supreme body of the Association, with its members forming part of it through proper and non-renounceable rights.
  • The President - elected by the General Assembly. It represents in all respects the institutional, social, cultural and academic activities of ASCE.
  • The Steering Committee - the executive body that gives support to the President.
  • The Secretariat - secretary does not need to hold representative status as a member of the ASCE, but must be selected by the President from among renowned professionals.

Presidents of ASCE

Below you can see all the past presidents of ASCE and the Steering Committee members who led the organization in different time periods.