Cimitero dell’Osservanza (Faenza, Italy)

Faenza Cemetery  was established in 1816  in the original  15th century Franciscan  monastery of the Osservanza, which  already had  two cloisters. The complex was expanded  through a series of  works: first, in 1828,  the  rebuilding  of the church by the architect Pietro Tomba, who designed it in Neoclassical style, then , between 1858 and 1860, the construction of the   mighty  hemicycle of  red brick  columns which  is still   the  main entrance to the cemetery. This  was  designed   by Costantino Galli, an architect from the Ticino area. As regards its content, the Cemetery  has undoubtedly  the most significant collection of sculptures and applied  arts in Faenza. There are a lot of monumental  19th century tombs: two  highly refined Liberty style ones  dating back to the  early 20th century  and a number of tombs of a later period. Among the latter, one in particular (Melandri,1958) is  covered in stoneware and was realised by Lucio Fontana, an internationally renowned artist. The tomb which deserves special attention is that of Bishop Pasi (1530) Pietro Barilotto’s absolute masterpiece, realized in Istria stone with terracotta inserts, probably by Alfonso Lombardi. Recently the monument has successfully been restored together with the whole chapel where it is housed. The cemetery is  a  collection of  works  realized in different materials: ceramics, bronze, stone, by some of the most prominent artists  of the 20th century: Rambelli, Melandri, Nonni, Gatti, Drei, Biancini, Matteucci.

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“Airport Marconi – Bologna” – 50 km from Faenza -
“Airport Ridolfi - Forlì" - 15 km from Faenza –
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