To promote European cemeteries as a fundamental part of the heritage of the humanity.

Annual General Meeting 2015

Foreigners in Significant Cemeteries
September 24th to 26th 2015 | Bucharest, Romania

In exile forever or adopted by a new country, a foreigner has always an exotic story which brought freshness and new meanings in local customs.

A foreigner in a cemetery could be someone who lived abroad and is now resting in a cemetery far away from home, among strangers or soldiers who rest in the ground they came to conquer or to defend.

A foreigner in a cemetery could be an artist or an architect who designed funeral monuments for people from other parts of Europe.

A foreigner in a cemetery could be an imported monument, brought by someone to  decorate the family tomb.

Each foreigner has a story waiting to be revealed in one of the amazing lectures we’re expecting at AGM 2015!