Municipal Cemetery of the Capuchins (Mataró, Barcelona)

Municipal Cemetery of the Capuchins (Mataró, Barcelona)
The Catholic cemetery of the Capuchins began to provide services in 1817 and today consist of 13.612 graves.

Important graves and monuments

Some of the graves and monumenst on Municipal Cemetery of the Capuchins with historical and cultural meanings are:
  • Josep Puig i Cadafalch: He was born in Mataró and he was a “modernista” architect, the Catalan Art Nouveau, who designed many significant buildings in Barcelona like Casa Amatller, near the Casa Batlló, one of the most important buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí. Josep Puig i Cadafalch was the President of the Commonwealth of Catalonia (1917-24). He died in 1956 in Barcelona.
  • Miquel Biada i Bunyol: He founded in 1848 the first railway line in the Iberian Peninsula and that connected Barcelona with Mataró. However, he died 6 month before the inauguration so he couldn’t see his work.
  • Pantheon Marfà - Mesquera: Pantheon designed by Emili Cabanyes, 1906.
  • Josep Castellà i Vilà: He was a boat captain who transported people to New York, Cuba and Mexico during the war between Spain and USA. He repatriated soldiers after de Cuba’s war. He died in 1916 in Barcelona.
  • Domènec Rovira i Castellà: He was a young musician, an excellent pianist and the director of the Municipal Band of Mataró (1939-1944). He died in 1944, when he was 31 years old.
  • Tomb of the International Brigades:  Monument in memory for the international brigades that fought against fascism and dead in Mataró during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)
  • Eugeni Pere Cendoya Oscoz: He was an important architect and disciple of Lluís Domènech i Montaner, who was highly influential on “Modernisme català”, the Catalan Art Nouveau. He died in 1975 in Barcelona. The sculptor was Frederic Marès, a famous sculptor who was made a lot of urban sculptures in Barcelona.

Programs of research, conservation and preservation

We are doing “The Plain of recuperation and restoration inside the cemetery and their outsides”.

Cultural activities in the cemetery

Below, there are listed some of the cultural activities taking place at the cemetery:
  • Good Friday: Via Crucis
  • Last Sunday of October: Guied Visit to the cemetery
  • The first of November: Concert All Saints
  • During the year: Culturals exhibitions in the chapel of the cemetery
You can find more routes and guided tours for the year 2015 here.

Points of interest

Cemetery contacts:

Carretera de Cirera, 239, 08304 Mataró (Barcelona)
Tel: 937574767
Fax: 937986905


Passeig dels Molins, 69, 08304 Mataró (Spain)

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