To promote European cemeteries as a fundamental part of the heritage of the humanity.

WDEC2016 in the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa (Italy)

Discover the programme of  WDEC 2016 in Genoa (Italy).

During the Week of Discovering European Cemeteries 2016 the Monumental Cemetery of Staglieno in Genoa are hosting everyday events. Join us in discovering our European heritage.

The programme of events during the "Week"

Inauguration of the “Week of Discovering European Cemeteries”
May 27th , 9.30 am
Location: Lay Temple
Staglieno Cemetery an open air museum to promote

Guided tours
From May 27th to June 5th
Meeting at the Statue of the Faith at:

  • 9.30 am 
  • 11.00 am
  • 3.00 pm 
Exhibition "Project Symbols"
From May 27th to June 5th
The printmaking graphics created in Aviles workshop together with videos of according dances and music produced at Dundee workshop
Location: Main entrance

Exhibition of the work made by the Volunteers of the Association "Per staglieno" at the Cemetery
From May 27th to June 5th

Narration through music
May 28th , 11 am
Location: Lay Temple
Spoon River in Black
with Mauro Pirovano and the violinist Fabio Biale

Contemporary dance
May 29th ,  11 pm
Location: Front Arcade (eastword)
“Project Symbols”
Joujoux Folies with Valeria Chiara Puppo and Simone Tositori

May 30th  - 31 st – June 1st  ,  10 am
Location:  Building of stone restoration 1st floor
“La Fabbrica di Staglieno” Study, research, safeguard, restoration

Performance of young artists music and dance
June 2nd , 11 am
Location: Pantheon

Dante alighieri
June 4th  ,  7 pm
Descent into Hell, a performance by the actor and director Alessandro Tampieri.

Concert of accordion
June 5nd , 11 am
Location: Pantheon