Staglieno Cemetery (Genoa, Italy)

Open in 1851, Staglieno developed with great representative intensity since the I World War.

Leon Štukelj, the 100-Year-Old Olympic Legend

(from EveryJoe) Leon Štukelj, a legend in Gymnastics, the sport he was connected to for more than 20 years.

Francis Swaty, chemist

Grinding wheels factory Swaty (Maribor, Slovenia) was established by chemist Franz Swaty so that it is one of the oldest European producers of grinding tools.

AGM 2012 Programme

Programe of the annual general meeting in Maribor 2012.

Getting to Maribor?

Getting to Maribor is simple. By plane, car or train.

101st Commemoration of Edvard Rusjan at the New Cemetery of Belgrade

One century after Slovenian Icarus flew over Belgrade we gather to commemorate his tragic fate.

The Non-Catholic Cemetery (Rome, Italy)

Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery contains possibly the highest density of famous and important graves anywhere in the world.

Glasnevin Cemetery

Preserve the Past for Future Generations
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