Northern Cemetery (Rennes, France)

Northern Cemetery (Rennes, France)
The Northern Cemetery (Cimetiére du Nord), designed as an English-style garden, with sinuous drives and varied vegetation, is an incentive for walks and peace.

Important graves and monuments

Some of the graves and monumenst on Northern Cemetery with historical and cultural meanings are:

Programs of research, conservation and preservation

  • Inventory service of Brittany has realized in the 1990’s a Funeral Heritage census at the Northern Cemetery.
  • In 1993, a master’s thesis, written by the student of Rennes University Perrine Picard, deal with “The Northern Cemetery of Rennes, History and Funeral Art”.
  • In 2007, Bernard Lebeau, Rennes University student, wrote his license report: “Story of the Northern Cemetery”.
  • A Heritage census of the Northern Cemetery is being implemented since 2012 by the city of Rennes.
  • The Funeral Department of Rennes is identifying a series of abandoned monuments in Rennes cemeteries, and is establishing a recuperation policy for these graves.
  • The city of Rennes is working about the restoration of a funeral chapel, remarkable for its art. The city wants to create a columbarium inside. This would allow completing the places dedicated to cinerary urns.

For local residents and tourists

  • For already 15 years, the tourist office of Rennes offers guided-tours inside the Northern Cemetery to allow visitors to discover this location.
  • Rennes City has conceived an exhibition in the cemetery named “Balade Intemporelle du Cimetičre du Nord” (“Timeless Walk of the Northern Cemetery”). This is a memorial route where visitors can discover some emblematic personalities of the city, and also an introduction to the funeral symbolism in this location.
  • A virtual visit of the Rennes cemeteries is available online: By going to the website, everyone can discover the two necropolises of Rennes (the Northern Cemetery and the Eastern Cemetery), the specific locations and the famous people buried there. The website give some details, guidance, visual documents and sometimes even videos, to discover the history of the cemeteries and those who died.
  • Rennes City is also working with cultural institutions (museums, Conservatory of Music, Opera, associations…) in order to offer soon some cultural events in Rennes cemeteries (exhibitions, musicals walks…).
  • A website dedicated to cemeteries of Rennes is being established. It will have a digital platform, online databases, preview of locations and detailed routes, information about funeral services, news… The first online databases version will become operational in the middle of 2015. In its second version, the website shall be provided for e-payment. By the end, there will be a virtual meditation of the dead.

Points of interest


Nathalie Bidan (in charge of Funeral heritage)
Northern Cemetery, 36 avenue Gros Malhon, 35000 Rennes (France)
P: (+33)2 23 62 10 15

Eliane Ammi (Funeral Department co-manager, in charge of digital innovation)
East Cemetery, 1 place du Souvenir Français, 35000 Rennes (France)
P: (+33)2 23 62 16 00

Patrice Quénot (Funeral Department manager)
City Hall of Rennes, Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, CS 63126, 35031 Rennes (France)
P: (+33)2 23 62 10 10


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