WDEC 2021: Crossroads of diversity

The Cemetery of Père Lachaise (Paris, France)
As part of this year's WDEC, we invite you to participate in the creation of a new photo book entitled "Crossroads of diversity".

20 years of ASCE, 20 days of WDEC

For 20 years already the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe is preserving, protecting and promoting cultural heritage, resting in cemeteries. As a tribute to this important anniversary, this year's Week of Discovering European Cemeteries will last for 20 days, starting on May 28th.

As usual, members will prepare their own activities for the occasion. In addition, we would like to invite you to take part in a joint WDEC project - an online photo book that will emphasize the connection, unity and at the same time diversity of cemeteries that are part of the association.

Crossroads of diversity

European cemeteries are all about diversity. We can see it in religions, nationalities, languages, nature, art and architecture present at the cemeteries. In a way, cemeteries are like crossroads where all these aspects of diversity are combined and united in one place. Furthermore, in a symbolic way, working with cemeteries has put us in front of many crossroads through the years, making us choose which path to take and in which direction to go next to fulfill our mission.

And since cemeteries are full of actual crossroads as well, the theme of this year's photo book will be “Crossroads of diversity”.

How to participate?

If you want to be a part of this photo book send us at least one photo of an interesting crossroad located at your cemetery to our email address admin@significantcemeteries.org.

It can be a photo of one or more crossroads, with or without people, taken by day or by night, from the air or from the ground, with or without important monuments near it. The options are limitless. Be creative and show us the diversity of your cemetery reflected in these crossroads.

Deadline: May 10th, 2021

Based on the materials collected for the photo book, other parallel activities are planned to be carried out, so in addition to the photos, please send us as well:
  • the name of the cemetery where the photo was taken
  • the exact coordinates of the crossroad on the photo
  • briefly complete the following sentence: “This crossroad illustrates the diversity of our cemetery because / with / in its…”


Cemetery name: The Cemetery of Père Lachaise (Paris, France)
Crossroad coordinates:  48.861667, 2.391139

This crossroad illustrates the diversity of our cemetery with the contrast between the simplicity of nature and the thoughtfulness of the works of art, which complement each other into a beautiful whole.


Incomplete materials will not be used in the photo book.
All photos must be provided under license CC0 and will be available to the members of ASCE for download and reprint.

For additional information or any questions, please contact us at admin@significantcemeteries.org.