ASCE is organization, administered by the presidency. You can contact us at current presidency address:

Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe
Cesta XIV. divizije 39/a

2000 Maribor

T. +386 2 480 09 00  | F. +386 2 480 09 08

Official address

The Association is based in Bologna, Italy, at present, at the Museo Civico del Risorgimento, via de' Musei, 8.
The ASCE’s area of operation is primarily Europe although its scope is limited solely by any
geographical boundaries imposed and decided upon by its members.

All the official documents can therefore be sent to the official address where the association is registered and based:

Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe
Comune di Bologna - Biblioteca del Museo Civico del Risorgimento
via de' Musei, 8

40124 Bologna