Peace Tree Project

Tree planting in Maribor 2023
Live in peace to rest in peace! Planting trees in European cemeteries as a symbolic reminder of the importance of peace.

Cemeteries as places of peace

We say “Rest in peace” when remembering our deceased loved ones. Yet, cemeteries are not just the final resting places for our late family members and friends, but also for our opponents, foes, and enemies. Take a moment to consider the military graves that are a result of wars that once devastated countries or even entire continents. In death, however, we are all equal, and the battles we face in our everyday lives are re-evaluated. Cemeteries embody the concept of spiritual peace and reconciliation. These places authentically remind us to wish for peace not only after death but pursue it now in our lives as well.

About the project

Planting a peace tree at the Pobrežje Cemetery in Maribor.The Peace Tree Project, which started during the WDEC 2023, is an ASCE project that calls for attention to the importance of peace with the help of ASCE members throughout Europe. The purpose of the project is to plant a "peace tree" in as many different European cemeteries as possible. A tree that symbolises life, which could grow and spread to give shelter and peace to those in need. A tree that will remind people of the importance of peace and reconciliation surrounding us here on earth and spread the message “Live in peace to rest in peace!”.

In this project:

  • Every joining member plants a tree in a cemetery, choosing an indigenous long-living tree type is recommended (for example: elm tree (Ulmus minor), plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia), or oak tree (Quercus rubra)).
  • We recommend planting the tree to a place where art performances could take place, as on anniversaries we aim to strengthen the message with an event.
  • Trees planted across Europe are marked with identical boards with the name and logo of ASCE as well as the given institution and the date of planting. The message on the board would be in English and in the language of the given country.
Project board at the Fiumei Road Cemetery in Budapest.

The script on the board says:


Like many others at significant cemeteries in Europe, this tree was planted to emphasize the importance of peace.

Plant a tree for peace

We would like to extend an invitation to all ASCE members to join the project and plant a tree in their cemeteries. To share your experiences, opinions and advice on this topic feel free to contact us at

The "peace trees" were already planted in:

  • Maribor, Slovenia (on 25 May 2023),
  • Budapest, Hungary (on 26 May 2023)
  • Kafissia, Greece (on 7 September 2023),
  • Halifax, United Kingdom (on 12 November 2023).