Membership in ASCE is as challenging as rewarding. Discovering new ideas, developing projects, increase awareness and preserve the heritage of the of European cemeteries. Everything occurs at the largest network of enthusiastic people working on common mission.

These are many benefits of joining and being a regular member of ASCE:

  • increased awareness of local public about the cemetery significance
  • access to a network of people with knowledge and ideas to improve your work
  • free access to research materials, participation at conferences and seminars
  • promotion of your cemetery in media across Europe
  • permission to propose Significant Cemetery
  • permission to use ASCE insignia at your company,
  • become member of European Cemeteries Route
  • chance to participate in various European Commission (EC) funded projects with other network members

Join us and contribute your ideas, work, history and culture. To join, please fill out the form:

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Please allow up to 30 days for the feedback on your membership application. Each application is carefully screened to make sure your organisation fits the ASCE network and mission.

Membership fees depend on the application form chosen and size of the city.