EU projects

ASCE is an international network of organizations that takes part in many joint projects. From research to restorations, new technologies and promotion of cemeteries as part of cultural heritage.

To expand the individual efforts of our members we are providing a system for applying to EU funding schemes on joint international projects.

Benefits of submitting project to EU fundings with ASCE

All members are receiving information regarding new project ideas being submitted and possible EU funding schemes available. Besides, there are other important benefits of submitting to EU fundings with ASCE:

Better evaluation of the project from the commission

Since our association already carried out several successful EU funded projects, partnership of ASCE can strongly contribute to overall evaluation of the project from the commission. In short, each project has more chance to win the funds with ASCE being a part of it.

Get better partnerships

Our ever expanding network of members and significant cemeteries provides an opportunity to get better partners than you would seek out by yourself. With experience comes more fluently working projects and better results.

Get additional knowledge resources

By exposing your project idea to the network you can get valuable feedback about your project at the very beginning. This can save you hundreds of hours later during the project.

Access archive materials to support your idea or concept

To present a good project, you may need high quality photos that emphasize your idea. Or alternatively you may require help from scientific point of view. ASCE provides many resources in big on-line archive that can make your project stand out.

Get professional assessment of your project

In case you are not certain about the quality of your project submission, ASCE may help you by providing professional support services during the preparing. This consist of professional review of your submission, checking other possible EU funding schemes and instructions on how to improve your partnerships. The service is subject to additional fees as it is being performed by external professionals.

Raise the awareness in local media and public by active presence of ASCE officials at major events during the project

While you may be working on another great project, it's value may be missed by local media and public simply due to lack of importance communicated. Our officials (president, steering committee members) can help you on this by being present at major events during your project and exposing the importance of project to European heritage preservation.

ASCE as a partner without budget

As an organization, ASCE in general does not participate actively in the project with own budget. It is however providing other tools to help overall success, communicating the project and providing assistance as needed.

    Join the new project ideas

    If you are a member you can join or start new projects. In order to join a project, take a look at the list of proposed projects and if you find an interesting proposal, send a join request to Your request will be forwarded to the leading partner who will contact you further.

    Start new project ideas

    In case you have a project that you assume would be interesting for other members to join, send the project description to and we will add it up to the list.

    Please note that only ASCE members with status Cemeteries management organizations or Research organizations can propose a project. So to propose a project you must be a member.

    Past EU funded projects

    In past we have successfully ended the following EU funded projects:
    Symbols project