Contemporary funeral trends shaping the cultural heritage of the future

The new multi-purpose complex at Pobrežje Cemetery
Straight clean lines. Modest decoration. Absence of traditional religious symbols. This is the cemetery heritage of the future.  

The new farewell hall at Pobrežje Cemetery

Pogrebno podjetje Maribor, the presiding member of ASCE, has completed the construction of a new farewell hall at Pobrežje Cemetery. One of the largest investments of the company offers a modern space for the implementation of funeral and cemetery activities as well as other occasions, such as meetings and conferences. It includes rooms for the reception of mourners with 72 seats, advanced audio and video equipment and a landscaped outdoor park. 

Cultural heritage of the future

With straight clean lines and without excessive decorative elements, the design of this modern complex reflects the architectural and funerary trends of today. Minimalism and practicality are at the forefront and with the absence of traditional religious symbols this complex is moving away from the traditional cemetery infrastructure we are used to seeing in European cemeteries. A similar trend can be observed on graves and tombstones that are becoming more and more typified, simple and unadorned. In a way, similar to each other. 

Nevertheless, graves, monuments, architecture, symbols and funerary customs present at today's cemeteries are a representation of our current society. They are the legacy that we will leave behind and will tell stories of the world that we live in now. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge their importance and try to protect and preserve them, just like we try to preserve every other aspect of cultural heritage in cemeteries.