Cemeteries list, map and publishing

During the AGM and in last few weeks many questions were raised about publishing of your significant cemeteries in the website of ASCE. We have examined two important factors about this:

1. Current status of memberships and databases
2. Best technical possibilities to include and later update the info about cemeteries

Regarding status of memberships, it is important to stress out that current databases (lists of cemeteries, organizations and partners) were a bit outdated. Since the membership has grown significantly in the past few years, many new situations have developed. Some cemetery changed status, management, many people changed their email address, many companies have changed the website.

Since we expect further growth in membership, We have found it important to create a system that will simplify management of all the content regarding cemeteries. No less we find it important to make this data avaliable for research and simple to archive.

With this in mind we have decided for a system of dispersed content. Each member (organization that manages the cemeteries and pays the membership) will receive access to the Google map describing it's cemetery. Access will be granted to the person that is recognized as the administrator within member's organization. If there are more cemeteries a member manages, they can add cemeteries to the map. ASCE secretariat will build first map upon the information we currently have (in the website or otherwise). Each member can then update that information on the map.

After a member updates the map, we will import the map to the main map of Significant Cemeteries of Europe and it will be presented at the map.

We will do the same with photo material. We will produce albums of photos for each cemetery and members administrators will receive access to upload photos and further manage the album (edit annotations, photo geo-position, authors,...). After the albums are updated, we will post them on the website, as well as use the photos from albums for other occassions.

Beside creating a well-maintained content base, we expect following benefits to the members:
  • Maps that can be used anywhere in the internet
When you will finish creating your map, you will be able to use it anywhere - in your website, website of your local tourism office or other relevant website. No additional costs or work. Simply copying the iframe code will be enough.
  • Photos that can be used anywhere in the internet
No more searching for or sending of photos via email. You will easily send the album or particular photos link to those that should use them. Photos can be easily used in other websites, like city's tourism website. And best of all, you are in charge of the photos.