Antakalnis’ cemetery (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Established at the beginning of the 19th century. Soldiers of the World War I and the World War II had been buried in this cemetery.
Recently, the place of the eternal rest for the artists, writers, scientists and the victims of the Soviet terror in 1991-1992 either.

The famous people buried in the Antakalnis Cemetery include:

Marian Zdziechowski (1861-1938) - Polish philosopher and historian
Teodor Bujnicki (1907-1944) - Polish poet
Ieva Simonaitytė (1897-1978) - Lithuanian writer
Antanas Venclova (1906-1979) - Lithuanian and Soviet politician
Jurga Ivanauskaitė (1961-2007) - Lithuanian writer
Janina Miščiukaitė-Brazaitienė (1949-2008) - singer
Vytautas Kernagis (1951-2008) - singer and songwriter
Algirdas Brazauskas (1932-2010) - politic, first president of independent Lithuania, elected in 1993.

Photo: The Memorial to the Victims of the 13th of January
(the monument to the victims of Soviet terror of 1991)


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