Cemetery of Loyasse (Lyon, France)

Cemetery of Loyasse (Lyon, France)
The Cemetery of Loyasse (formerly named St. Just Cemetery) was planned by the architect Joseph Gay.

About the cemetery

The Cemetery of Loyasse is known as the "4 winds cemetery" because of its geographic location. Indeed it is placed on the elevated plateau of the town (Fourvière area) and overhangs Lyon’s center. It is the oldest cemetery of Lyon and the second most notable in France - well known for its architecture and historical monuments.

The most famous tomb, which is flowered all the year, is Maître Anthelme Philippe’s (a famous thaumaturgy who made healings and gave cares to the Russian imperial family). All over the cemetery we can discover mausoleums, tombs, sepulchral chapels, obelisks, funerals columns built with elegance and sumptuousness. It is truly an outdoor museum of funerals sculptures.

Other cemeteries in Lyon

The two others important cemeteries in Lyon are located on Guillotière area - the “Old” founded in 1854 and the “New” built in 1857. The smallest are Croix-Rousse and St. Rambert cemetery. 

Throughout these cemeteries, lay to rest many historical persons who worked for Lyon’s fame.

Photo source: www.en.lyon-france.com


Cemetery of Loyasse
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