Cemetery of San Prospero (Sassuolo, Italy)

Cemetery of San Prospero (Sassuolo, Italy)
The historical and artistic features of the cemetery, including valuable ceramic manufactures from the 19th century, define it as a real open air museum.

About the cemetery

The Cemetery of San Prospero was designed by Giovanni Lotti (1806-1881) and it is located in the historical center of the city of Sassuolo. It is closed to burials since 1982.

In order to preserve and promote this special place, several cultural initiatives are taking place at the cemetery, such as:
  • sightseeing,
  • the making of a short film ("Miserere. The San Prospero's monumental cemetery"),
  • concerts,
  • lectures of art history,
  • photo exhibitions,
  • guided tours,
  • etc.

*Photo source: www.findagrave.com


Cemetery of Sassuolo "San Prospero"
via Rocca 22
41049 Sassuolo


Phone: +39 05361844961
Fax: +39 05361844909
Email: fsepe@comune.sassuolo.mo.it


Opening hours

In summer: from 7.00 to 19.00
In winter: from 8.00 to 18.00