English Cemetery (Florence, Italy)

English Cemetery
This Protestant cemetery located at Piazzale Donatello was founded in 1827 by the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church.
The Victorian (1827-1877), so-called ‘English’ Cemetery for non Catholics (Protestant, Anglican, Orthodox and other confessions), owned by the Swiss Reformed Church, is now surrounded by traffic. It is located on a hill with cypress trees, that may be an Etruscan tomb, famously presented in Arnold Boecklin’s ‘Island of the Dead.

Its tombs are sculpted by some of the greatest sculptors of the nineteenth century. It is the burial place of the poets and writers, sculptors and artists, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Walter Savage Landor, Arthur Hugh Clough, Frances Trollope, Hiram Powers, Joel Hart, many friends of Florence Nightingale, and many participants in the Battle of Waterloo. Burials now can be of cinerary urns and bones, no longer entire bodies.


English Cemetery
Piazzale Donatello 38
50132 Firenze, Italy


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