Goldenbridge Cemetery (Dublin, Ireland)

Goldenbridge Cemetery (Dublin, Ireland)
Goldenbridge is the first cemetery to be opened by Daniel O'Connell and the Dublin Cemeteries Committee in 1828.

About the cemetery

With the passing of the 'Act of Easement of Burial Bills' in 1824, a committee was formed to administer the proposed cemetery. A small plot of land had been acquired for this purpose at Goldenbridge. The cemetery was opened in 1828 and the first burial took place on the 15th October of that year.

Set on just two acres of land, Goldenbridge incorporates many of the classical features that were to dominate the 19th century. With delinated pathways and surrounded by high walls, it is an oasis of tranquility in the hearth of a busy suburb.

Garden Cemeteries

Unlike churchyards, these cemeteries were independent of a parish church, were located outside the city in what were then suburbs. These cemeteries became known as 'garden cemeteries'.


Inchicore (Irish: InseChór) is a southern inner suburb of Dublin, Ireland, south of the River Liffey and west of the city centre, in the Dublin 8 postal district. The district was originally a village just outside Dublin city until it was swallowed up by the expanding city more than a century ago. It has a strong association with the railways, with the main engineering works for the Irish railway network having been first located there in the nineteenth century.


Goldenbridge Cemetery
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