Trento Monumental Cemetery (Trento, Italy)

Trento Monumental Cemetery (Trento, Italy)
Construction work on the Trento Monumental Cemetery began in 1826, according to the 1824 project by Giuseppe Pietro Dal Bosco.

About the cemetery

The project included a quadrant area surrounded by loggias with monolithic columns of Doric order made in white stone from Trento. At the center of each side of the quadrant there is a large chapel, included between two minor chapels, similar to those placed near the corners. On the north side, in line with the entrance avenue, there is the main chapel, built by the scheme of a Pantheon with a large dome. In the outer arcades, each arch represents a space where the funeral monuments of the family tombs are placed. The area included in the quadrant is crossed by avenues with cypresses and is used as Campo Santo.

The Cemetery was inaugurated in 1827. In 1889 it was decided that the extension should be made with the doubling of the quadrant by Dal Bosco`s project.

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Trento Monumental Cemetery
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