Municipal Cemetery of Granada (Granada, Spain)

Municipal Cemetery of Granada (Granada, Spain)
The San José Municipal Cemetery of Granada is the second oldest municipal cemetery in Spain.

About the cemetery

This cemetery is part of the landscape and historical monuments of the Alhambra and is located a short distance from the entrance to the Nazari Palaces. It is featured in the list of the city's "Assets of Cultural Interest" (Bienes de Interes Cultural) and hosts, especially in the early gardens, relevant examples of the architecture and funerary sculpture of the Romantic and subsequent periods, all catalogued, realised by local and foreign artists.

The present cemetery can be tracked back to 1787, when King Carlos III enacted the "Real Cedula" on the use of cemeteries outside city settlements. In 1991, the Town Council funded EMUCESA (Empresa Municipal de Cementerio y Servicios Funerarios de Granada S.A.) that manages the cemetery today.

In the cemetery section currently named Patio de San Cristobal, there are the only archaeological remains that have survived from the beginnings of the cemetery, such as the Alixares Arab Palace (XIII/XIV Century), the small fort and the channelling system built by the French at the beginning of the XIX century on the hills by the same name.

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