The New Cemetery of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia)

Belgrade's New Cemetery was founded in 1886., and it was the first cemetery in Serbia to be built according to plan.
From it's founding days many distinguished statesmen, artists, scientists and nation's endowers were buried on the New Cemetery.
Over the course of time, some of Serbia's finest sculptors and architects gave their artistic tribute and created an immense collection of sculptures and sacral objects. In 1983. New Cemetery (with it's 1500 sculptures) was declared as a cultural monument of great importance for the Republic of Serbia.

Special significance to this complex is given by ossuaries and military graveyards. First memorial monument of the New Cemetery was Ossuary from Serbian-Turkish wars 1876-1878, built in 1907. There are also Serbian and Russian ossuary, French and Italian WWI military graveyard, Graveyard of the fighters in occupied Belgrade from 1941-1944 and English WWII military graveyard.
Artistic and historical value of New Cemetery exceeds the national and state boundaries - it's importance is universal, and enriches the European cultural heritage.


The New Cemetery of Belgrade
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