The Parisian Cemetery of Thiais (Paris, France)

The so-called “extramuros” cemeteries. According to various extensions, the city of Paris has integrated numerous cemeteries amongst which six are said to be “extramuros” because the proper territory of the town doesn’t include them. The cemetery of Thiais belongs to this category. 

Landscape and funerary districts 
Opened in 1929, Thiais shows some contrasted characteristics: 

  • The natural environment is rich of 6000 trees of various species. In the course of the seasons, they reinvent the landscape. 
  • The “garden of brotherhood” offers a tomb to anyone who needs it. It’s a very specific district which only exists in Thiais. 
  • The confessional districts: in France, the confessional gatherings are authorized as long as the districts are not physically defined. The grouping of obedience in Thiais remains without equal in France.

Some monuments…

  • The design of the entrance is characteristic of the modernist architecture of the 1930’s. It melts concrete and metal. 
  • The cemetery shelters specific memorials such as the one of the dead who gave their bodies to Science or the victims of Ermenonville’s one (an airplane catastrophe)
  • There are several famous personalities buried at Thiais : Joseph Roth (author of the Radetzky March), Leon Sédou (Trotsky’s son) or Paul Celan (writer, said to be the “poet of the holocaust”) for instance.
Conservation du cimetière parisien de Thiais
261, route de Fontainebleau
94320 Paris 

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