Updated website

As planned 2 months ago, we have made a big change to the website. One of the main problems in the past was managing the content of the website. Even though it was built on a very good open source system, editing required a lot of work. All the members were also included in a built-in Google map, but were later not added or updated.

Therefore we have decided to focus the web communications in future on:
  • Current news, updates and project information
  • Promoting main (core) projects of ASCE
  • Establishing a cemeteries database with dispersed managing
In the following weeks, each member will receive few emails with further details on how to easily arrange their photos and maps via online tools.

To make content editing faster, we will establish network of editors for countries. These editors will then be in charge of the content and events about the cemeteries in our website. Anyone can apply to be the editor for their country by emailing to secreatariat of ASCE.