TanExplora symposium

As a part of TanExpo exhibition taking place in Bologna on March, 23, an Italian national symposium "CONTEMPORARY EVOLUTION IN CEMETERY ARCHITECTURE" will be held.

This is an important symposium in many regards and many important architects will attend it. Among others, Paolo Zermani, Giovanni Leoni, Rinaldo Ciravolo and Camillo Botticini have already confirmed their participation.

It is an event of great importance to ASCE as well, since a book dedicated to Mariana Nitu on funerary
architecture will be presented. The book will contain also a chapter by Mariana, a resume she wrote about her first investigations on cemetery's architecture. Although it is an unfinished text, it has great interest because of some intuitions so original form the architectural point of view.

More information at TanExplora website.

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