Floating Tales

Civic Museums Institution - Museum of the  Risorgimento of Bologna dedicated to the Certosa two mesmerizing evenings, at the beginning and at the end of summer 2011, that included a physical and sensorial “journey” through its most evocative spots where video and music mixed and alternated with poems of great poets like Keats, Borges, Goll as well as to dance performances dedicated to the great mystic Rumi.
To see the video of the event click here.

«The Certosa (charterhouse) - the historical cemetery of Bologna -, aside being the most beautiful cemetery in the world, is the most characterized and at the same time the less provincial place in the city, so much so that in past centuries it was included in the grand tour, and C. J. H. Dickens himself has left an admired and amused description.
The neoclassical rigor somehow protects this place from the pathetic excesses of the fin de siècle and early twentieth century art, so intensely present in other even more monumental cemeteries such as Staglieno (Genoa).
Time’s intense work of remodelling - Time, the great sculptor of Yourcenar- has trasformed it into a mirable romantic sediment grafted into a classical structure which makes us think of C.D. Frierich’s sublime painting.
An enthralling space where a poignant and sacral melancholy floods every urn, each profile, each gesture as a symbolic western ganges, where the marble angels gently plunge, making this place wonderfully unique, a lyrical antidote to the global urbanistic culture of present days».
Fabrizio Passarella

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