WDEC: events in Genova, Staglieno Cemetery

The programme of the WDEC 2012 Genova holds many exciting events and activties to help you explore the Staglieno Cemetery, find sessions that match your interests, and plan your time during the Week of discovering European Cemeteries.

From May 28th to June 3rd 2012
Staglieno Monumental Cemetery
Guided Tours by the Association Il Girasole of Marina Firpo
Meeting at the Statue of the Faith
  • 10 AM: The Areas dedicated to the Italian Risorgimento in Staglieno
  • 11 AM: Artists and Purchasers: Who were those people who wanted to be commemorated in Staglieno? Public and private tales.

From May 29th to June 3rd 2012
Lay Temple
Documentary Exibition
The graves’ filing in the sector dedicated to the Garibaldi’s Mille – Staglieno Monumental Cemetery

May 29th, 11 AM
Lay Temple
Workshop"The Areas of the Risorgimento in the Staglieno Monumental Cemetery. Historical deepening, repairs and plans for the future"
Lectures by:
Direction of the municipal services of the city of Genoa
Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities
University of Genoa
Museums’ network of the valleys Scrivia and Trebbia

Cristina Bartolini
The Agreement Protocol aiming to make researches, filings and interventions in the Staglieno Cemetery in Genoa as part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification

Rita Pizzone, Caterina Olcese
Mazzini’s tomb and the “Boschetto”: the interventions that have been carried out and plans for the future

Paola Parodi, Stefano Vassallo
The problems about the repairs in the sector dedicated to the Garibaldi’s Mille

Chiara D’Aurizio
Domenico Toscanini, one of Garibaldi’s followers in the sector dedicated to the Garibaldi’s Mille

Silvana Balbi
The contributions of some little towns to the sector dedicated to the Garibaldi’s Mille

June 2nd, 10 AM
Lay Temple
Spoon River Staglieno
Narration through music
  • Mauro Pirovano (narrator)
  • Michel Baratti (flute)
  • Fabio Biale (violin, voice)


More about the cemetery at ASCE website.