Closure of the WDEC 2012 in Rome

The program WDEC 2012 in Rome, organized by AMA Cimiteri Capitolini, hosted 12 guided tours in the Verano Monumental Cemetery
during the first and the second weekend of June, attended by more than 400 visitors, including “romans” and tourists.

The program concludes the largest cultural initiative "A stroll through memories" that took place during nine spring weekends, from March to June, which hosted more than  2,000 visitors in 57 guided tours.

The program included eight itineraries:

  • Special 150 th anniversary of the unification of Italy: the memory of those who have made Italy as a nation: the “Italian Risorgimento” told through the stories of characters buried in Verano;
  • The Monuments of the Verano Cemetery, which led visitors to discover the architectural and artistic treasures contained within the cemetery; 
  • Rome and the stories on cinema: a journey through milestones in the history of Italian cinema, through directors (Vittorio De Sica, Roberto Rossellini, etc), actors (Alberto Sordi, Nino Manfredi, Vittorio Gassman, Marcello Mastroianni, etc) and many other characters buried in Verano;
  • Men and Women of Letters at the Verano Cemetery: the history of Italian literature in nineteenth and twentieth centuries, illustrated by the lives of leading literary figures whose achievements brought glory to Italy;
  • Faces and memories of Rome: two centuries in the history and culture of the Eternal City presented through the lives of Romans who, in different ways, were key figures of the times; 
  • Women in nineteenth and twentieth centuries: history, politics and culture from the point of view of women, as seen through female social roles and symbolism;
  • The industrial and applied arts: starting from the late nineteenth century, artists and craftmen combined tradition with a renewal of established artistic idioms in glass-making, mosaics, ceramics and architectural ornamentation;
  • The Verano Cemetery as a City. Three generations of architects and urban planners: the urban planning that went into the overall development of the Monumental Cemetery, from its foundation to its growth in the twentieth century, provides an overview of a century of architectural history.

The guided tours program is coming back again on September 2012.

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