Summer events at the Bologna Certosa Cemetery

Guided tours organized by Associazione Didasco.

Deliziose vaghezze ottocentesche
Curly-haired melancholic maidens, anciently dressed, in the shade of the cypresses underneath open galleries, halls and arcades, will lead you along a path to discover the neoclassic and romantic elegance.
dates: June 19th; July 5th, 18th, 25th; August 7th, 16th, 28th; September 6th, 20th

La forza e la grazia del Novecento
Feminine silhouettes and manly shapes alternate in a journey amidst marbles andbronzes, in the majestic cloisters of the last century. Sculptors, poets, industrialists and heroes unveil our recent history.
dates: June 21st; July 10th, 19th, 31st; August 8th, 21st, 29th; September 11th, 25th

Canti d'armi e d'amore
The past, that shaped our present, is also made of aspirations, ideals, politics and great passions. An occasion to rediscover our ancestors’ more or less known vicissitudes.
dates: June 26th; July 12th, 24th; August 1st, 14th, 23rd; September 4th, 13th

Seguendo le orme di Dickens
During his short stay in Bologna, Dickens only visited the Certosa cemetery. Thanks to previously unpublished documents, it is now possible to follow his steps, through the monuments and his memories.
dates: June 28th; July 17th, 26th; August 9th, 22nd, 30th; September 18th

Metti una sera d'estate...
Anecdotes, love stories, intrigues and art for an unusual Ferragosto evening.
Wednesday August 15th

Un cimitero... piů allegro della cittŕ (The cemetery is more cheerful than the town)
Jules Janin’s words are the biting comment to his stay in our town! A rich and exciting walk, to verify the truthfulness of the famous French playwright.
Thursday September 27th

Booking is required for all the above-mentioned events, please call 348.1431230 (afternoon and evening). The participants will meet at 8.30 p.m. at the main entrance of the cemetery, via della Certosa (church courtyard – bus no. 19). Didasco requires an 8 euro contribution. For each admission, 2 euro will be donated for the refurbishment of the Certosa. The visit will take place also in case of bad weather conditions. The events are reserved to the members. It will be possible to become member shortly before the beginning of the visit, fee 10 euro, complimentary first visit.

Extraordinary appointments

Thursday June 28th, 6 p.m.
Charles Dickens in Bologna and a memorable visit to the Certosa
Presentation of the book by Roberto Martorelli, Valeria Roncuzzi and Gino Scatasta. 
This year, all over the world, the bicentenary of the birth of the famous English writer Charles Dickens (1812-1870) is celebrated. In his Pictures from Italy (1846) he offers his readers, among others, also a ‘picturesque’ description of Bologna, celebrating its art. The author has left us lively pages on places and people he met during his stay in town in November 1844. At the centre of his recollections is the vivid memory of his visit to the Certosa cemetery, the preferential destination of the cultivated traveller in XIX century.Thanks to the discovery of the letters of the keeper-guide who accompanied him, it has been possible to reconstruct the visit itself and to identify the works that were admired. A large collection of images and several explanatory entries allow recalling the atmospheres of Bologna at the time, that the English writer defined as an ancient and austere town with “an unspecified grave and learned something”.

Fondazione CaRisBo - Palazzo Saraceni, via Farini 15
Free admission, no booking is required.

A guided tour in the Certosa will follow, 9 p.m., entitled Seguendo le orme di Dickens (Following Dickens’ steps). For further details see the Didasco programme.

Tuesday July 3rd, 9 p.m.
The charm of San Girolamo of the Bologna Certosa – What remains of the Carthusian monastery
A project by Mario Micucci and Ginetto Campanini
Preview of the new DVD on the San Girolamo church, entitled “L’antico monastero”. The second film-documentary is part of a trilogy, and it is about what remains today of the very rich monastery after the Napoleonic suppressions. After the showing, Roberto Martorelli will lead a visit to the Church.

Meeting point main entrance (Church courtyard), 15 minutes before the start. Free admission,no booking required.

Information: please call no. 051 347592 (Tues-Sun 9 a.m.-1 p.m.) or write to

Wednesday September 5th and 19th, 9 p.m.
Voci nel silenzio - La Via dei Canti - Teatro Pirotecnico Musicale
An artistic project by Daniele Robazza
A real and visionary journey in eight scenes, featuring voices, sounds and lights. The “Canti di Orfeo” will be the inspiration for an evocative path of reflection and emotion.

An 8 euro contribution is required and it will be entirely donated for the enhancement of the Cemetery.
Booking required please call 345.2699200 (afternoon-evening) or write to

Wednesday September 12th, 9 p.m.
La Grande Guerra
Showing of the film by Mario Monicelli (1959) and visit to the charnel Monument to the Dead of the WWI. Organization by Atti Sonori, guided tour with Mirtide Gavelli. The script alternates, in the best tradition of the so-called commedia all’italiana, comedy and irony, and dramatic and sour moments. La Grande Guerra was the first important film that Italy devoted to WWI and Mario Monicelli put together a first class cast: Vittorio Gassman; Alberto Sordi; Silvana Mangano; Folco Lulli; Bernard Blier; Romolo Valli. The launch was preceded by heated debates, as it was perceived to show little respect towards the memory of the dead: in fact, it turned out to be a great success and the first,affectionate although bitter, tribute to hundreds of thousands of war casualties.

A 5 euro contribution is required and it will be entirely donated for the enhancement of the Cemetery. Information please call no.: 051.347592 (Tues-Sun 9 a.m.-1 p.m.),

Wednesday September 26th, 9 p.m.
Viaggio di ritorno - un percorso dickensiano
by Briana Zaki and Benedetta Campo
A Dickens-inspired theatrical and sensory performance: an exploration of ourselves and our imagination, wandering in unknown places. The audience will be lead trough the five senses: smell, taste, hearing, sight and touch, with literary breaks Dickens-style.

An 8 euro contribution is required and it will be entirely donated for the enhancement of the Cemetery. Booking required please call 345.2699200 (afternoon-evening) or write to

Tuesday October 2nd, 9 p.m.
Splendide forme. La scultura a Bologna prima e dopo il Congresso di Vienna
with Mirtide Gavelli and Emanuela Bagattoni, introduction by Mauro Felicori
Meeting on the occasion of the launch of the book “Lo splendore della forma. La scultura negli spazi della memoria”, by Mauro Felicori and Franco Sborgi, Luca Sossella publisher. Afterwards, Roberto Martorelli will lead the participants to visit the cloisters for a comparison between Bologna artists’ and “foreigners’” works.

Free admission. Booking required please call 345.2699200 (afternoon-evening) or write to

“Dalla Certosa al Museo - Restauri e acquisizioni”
until July 15th 2012

The exhibition offers a report on the comprehensive restoration project of the Certosa monuments, which started in 1999. Among the works on display, worth mentioning are seven busts portraying illustrious men from Bologna, restored for the occasion, some of them being linked to the events of the Pantheon. Works and documents by Enrico Barberi, Silverio Montaguti, Pasquale Rizzoli, with XIX century photographs, will highlightsome of the most relevant donations and acquisitions of the past few years.
Where: Museo civico del Risorgimento, Piazza Carducci 5, Bologna
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday closed
Admission 4 euro, reduced fare 2 euro

Guided tours to the exhibitions:
Sunday June 24th and July 15th, 11 a.m.
Dalla Certosa al Museo - Restauri e acquisizioni
with Roberto Martorelli
Museo civico del Risorgimento, Piazza Carducci 5.
No booking required, admission 8 euro.
Information: please call no. 051 347592 (Tues-Sun 9 a.m.-1 p.m.) or write to

Sunday July 1st, 11 a.m.
L’Unitŕ d’Italia e i suoi protagonisti a Bologna
with Otello Sangiorgi
Museo civico del Risorgimento, Piazza Carducci 5.
No booking required, admission 8 euro.
Information: please call no. 051 347592 (Tues-Sun 9 a.m.-1 p.m.) or write to