A special book for 20 years of ASCE

An overview of the last 20 years of ASCE, summarized in a special edition printed book.

20 years of ASCE

In 2021, the Association of Significant Cemeteries of Europe (ASCE) celebrated its 20th anniversary. 

As a tribute to this important milestone, a special, more than 100 pages long printed book was prepared, covering a detailed overview of ASCE's operation and activities over the past 20 years - the list of all governing bodies, review of past AGMs and conferences, presentation of the Association and its projects (such as European Cemeteries Route, Cemeteries Entries, Week of Discovering European Cemeteries, EUCEMET, Symbols, Schools on Cemeteries,...), and more.

A special chapter of the book was devoted to articles prepared by all ASCE presidents and some members who shared their own view of the Association, its history, operation and meaning.

A gift for ASCE members

ASCE members who attended this year's AGM and Conference in Belgrade, received the printed book as a gift at the event.  To those members who could not attend the meeting, their copy will be delivered by standard mail in October.

Everyone else who wishes to have the book can download the printable file HERE.