Conference at AGM

In 2 days of AGM 2012, 10 amazing presentations, covering different aspects of promotion of cemeteries and their surrounding territories, took place.
It was interesting to see how many projects are being produced by cemeteries around Europe. Events, guides, videos, new technology, researches and several other aspects connected several dots. Lively debates were raised and new topics for future workshops arised. Check out the materials below and get yourself some ideas how you can improve the promotion of your cemeteries and its surrounding territories.

Dark tourism
Lidija Pliberšek, Pogrebno podjetje Maribor [ppt] [doc]
Karel Werder, InHolland University [ppt]

Cemetery tourism in Rome: the experience of Cimiteri Capitolini [ppt]
Vittorio Benedetto Borghini, Verano Cemetery Rome

Events at European night of Museums [ppt] [video]
Radu Ionut, Bellu cemetery Bucharest

Cemetery and landscape in northwest of Spain [ppt] [doc]
María del Mar Penín Guillén, phd student at University of Coruna

The Certosa cemetery in Bologna: ten years of cultural promotion and new projects for the future [ppt] [pdf]
Roberto Martorelli, Comune di Bologna

Promotion and product innovations of the viennese cemeteries [ppt] [video]
Dr. Florian Keusch, B+F Bestattung und Friedhöfe Wien GmbH

Film Essay "Death never dies" [video]
Valérie Madoka Naito, Naito

Mobile guides and Augmented Reality browser [ppt]
Dušan Vrban, Kainoto

Cemeteries tours for schools: experience from Pobrežje cemetery [prezi]
Miha Leskovar, Kainoto

Foundation of significant cemeteries in Berlin-Brandenburg
Music in the moment - bringing life to the cemetery [ppt] [video1] [video2] [video3] [video4]
Martin Ernerth and Dennis Bilbrey