Find a replica of the angel of the Oneto tomb

The angel of the Oneto tomb in Staglieno (Genova), masterpiece by Giulio Monteverde, is one of the most famous sculpture in the world.

The tomb was commissioned by Francesco Oneto, a rich merchant and President of the "Banca Generale". The angel, holding the trumpet of the Universal Judgement with its right hand, offers no consolatory gesture, but seems distant and imperturbable. The sensuality of this statue deeply shocked the contemporaries but enjoyed a greet success as well: it was replicated countless times, both by the artist himself and by his imitators; it can be found in various versions in many cemeteries in Italy, France, Germany, England and in North and South America.

Municipality of Bologna has created a Facebook group whose purpose is asking all over the world to find these copies and to upload their pictures with correct captions on Facebook.

If this experience of crowd-sourcing will be successful, they will be able to repeat the same scheme more times and the network will also become a research network.

So, join the Facebook group and help find all replicas of the angel of the Oneto tomb.