Westerveld: a monumental journey of discovery

The expansive memorial park of Westerveld Cemetery & Crematorium - part of ‘the Facultatieve Group’ - features many great monuments - each with its own story.

The book ‘Westerveld, a monumental journey of discovery’ was published recently.This reference work discusses one hundred years of special monuments, including those of Anthony Fokker, Lex Goudsmit, Multatuli and Pim Fortuyn.The book includes also a detailed map, giving readers ample opportunity to discover for themselves the special sites and beauty of Westerveld.

The book encompasses a well-thought-out selection.“That was quite a challenge, given that all our monuments are special and each has its own story to tell”, said director Carla Bosua.“The monuments in the book are special because of their unique character, cultural-historical value and/or fame of the deceased.Therefore, the book includes not only classical monuments, but also very contemporary ones.And naturally describes also urn monuments.”