Exhibition EUCEMET European cemeteries: Garden of souls, diversity and heritage.

The City Council of Avilés has led the project EUCEMET co-financed by the culture program 2077 - 2013 of the European Commission, which has been involved in cooperation with the Association of municipalities of Nebbiu (North of Corsica), the Town Hall of Nicosia (Cyprus) and the Association of European significant cemeteries. As a result of the implementation of this program has consolidated the exhibition European cemeteries: Garden of souls, diversity and heritage.

Initially exposed in the cemetery Dobrava in Maribor (Slovenia), the City Council of Avilés sought for if this important photographic exhibition which was housed in the building of the old fishmonger of Avilés where, accompanied by an ambitious programming composed by various acts and cultural events, reached great importance, causing a significant impact in the population.

Subsequently the City Council of Lugo interested in giving continuity to the project, requested the City Council of Avilés, the temporary transfer of the exhibition, promoting for this purpose a collaboration agreementbetween two Councils, through which are fixed the precise conditions that enable its new and current location in the Interactive history Museum of Lugo (MIHL), recently inaugurated in the city where it will remain until the end of April.

The Creative Assembly and thematic interpretation and the incorporation of new elements have contributed to enrich the already initially magnificent exhibition, giving a new approach that marks a touch of peculiarity which has come to enhance the final result, being also relevant its success between the population and the incidence in the internetnews.

In this way, the different styles and peculiar connotations that have been given to the photographic exhibition in their different situations, have left patent the patrimonial relevance, the uniqueness and historical richness of cemeteries that are part of the historical route of European cemeteries, contributing to the diffusion of the Association of European significant cemeteries and the consolidation of its objectives.

At this time, with the closing of the exhibition at the end of April in the City Council of Lugo and considering the profitability of the fruits obtained in this short tour, being taken steps so that the project continue and exposure consolidate their itinerant character by different municipalities, at the State level and at European level.

To this end, the City Council of Avilés is working on the elaboration of a framework agreement through which is to achieve the necessary synergy between different local entities that participate, make possible the diffusion of the project through the creation of a route of exposure and at the same time ensuring the gradual addition of new elements and diversity of approaches of the participating entities, which will contribute to its enrichment and, finally, to the achievement of the objectives which constitute the cornerstones of the Association: the preservation of cemeteries and their integration in the cities as a fundamental part of its historical memory and the social relations of its members.