Teaching children history by visiting the local cemetery

Visiting a local cemetery is a perfect way to interest children in history. Questions and discussions about wars, disease, immigration and beliefs about death are triggered in even elementary school children.

On April 25th two primary schools from Maribor visited their local cemetery – Cemetery Pobrežje. By using smart phones and mobile guide ARtour, the 7th grade pupils were discovering a rich history of Maribor and learned about the important people burried at Pobrežje cemetery. During the exploration children discussed about the burial customs and rituals, cultural diversity and their own experiences and beliefs about death.

Mobile devices for more fun in learning process

The most fascinating experience for them was using tablets for discovering the important people graves and monuments. A special set of points was prepared, which included hints and geographical location of the monument or grave. To get the full name of the person and discover some other details, pupils had to find the grave by using map mode.

Within minutes, many of them installed the application to their own smart phones and started discovering the important points on their own.

You can check out what really happens when a modern technology meets a local history at cemetery in the photos below.

See more details about how mobile guide was used as teaching tool.