The Park Cemetery (Clamart, France)

The Park Cemetery (Clamart, France)
A cemetery without high walls that merges with its surrounding.

About the cemetery

After the World War II, more precisely in 1957, the architect Robert Auzelle created a park cemetery integrated in a global reflexion of urban planning of Clamart, establishing a perfect harmony with the surrounding area of which he was also the author.

Inspired by the anglo-saxon and northern Europe experiences, Robert Auzelle wanted to break the traditional isolation of cemeteries (enclosed by high walls), creating boundaries of charm trees offering a “transparency” with homes nearby allowing people and the breath of life to circulate peacefully around the final resting place.

After crossing the plazza with a permanent exhibition of sculptures, an impressive front with austere and large porche emerges - allegory of the humility of the “passing across”. Once passed the entrance, the visitor are put in the light in front of a large circular lawn bordered with flowers and remarkable trees. Environment providing calmness and serenity favorable for contemplation and meditation.

In this cemetery, there is no War memorial but a simple parallelogram, concrete totem, ornamented with low reliefs zodiacal items, anonymous witnesses of diversity of cults and religions.

Visitors will will walk on undergrowth paths, bordered by Redwood, Red oak, Lebanon cedars… and meet one after another, landscapes with scattered graves and traditional squares, offering a sensation of peace between two worlds - the one of the darkness and the one of the light.


108 Rue de la Porte de Trivaux – 92130 Clamart


Phone: +33 1 46 32 05 25